Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seven Months

My Growing (way too fast for this Momma to keep up) Boy,

Well, here we are again. Another month gone by. And you are SEVEN months old. I don't know exactly why, but this just seems so...grown.

Perhaps it is all the mobility that you continue to amaze me with these days. You have gone from standing up against something for a few moments - if we placed you there - to pulling up all on your own! I am still so surprised every time I leave you alone for a second and come back to see you standing. 

You have continued your push up crawl, though you mix it in with a traditional crawl these days as well. It seems that you favor whatever you feel will get you to your intended destination the fastest. You are moving mainly toward things to climb upon, which has made for more than one spill and tumble this month, that is for sure. The other day, you pulled a twelve pack of water over while trying to stand up on it, causing the cans inside to roll all over the floor and around you. Total time I turned my back? About ten seconds, you little mischief maker. I am still not used to you being so quick!

You still love your bouncer and are showing much more interest in toys these days overall. You have always liked them, but thankfully haven't had too many favorites as your sister likes to show you how to better play with the toys that you do gravitate towards. Now you are showing more and more interest in her toys and we have to make sure to keep everything very separate since you want to put all of her play food right in your little mouth...much like the cookie she thought you would enjoy for this month's photo shoot.

 Overall you are enjoying a bunch of real foods too! We still gave you a few purees at the beginning of the month if you got frustrated at meal times, but overall you are rocking out with solid foods. You are a much, much messier eater than I remember your sister being, but I also got to let her be naked most of the time, so that may have had something to do with it.

Now that you have to get to go with me for preschool drop off and pick up every Tuesday and Thursday, we all get dressed right away - at least twice a week. We've only done it twice now, but it is definitely a little harder getting out the door than Mommy anticipated.

You are growing like a weed, thanks to all that food, but you are still a string bean. You have been filling out clothes a little better and becoming more "dense" (as your Daddy likes to say), but you are still a skinny baby. Alas, it appears that I may never get to have babies with those juicy chunky thigh rolls...if you and your sister are any indication. Your feet, however, are definitely taking after your Brawford middle name. They are getting longer and longer by the day!

You are becoming more and more independent these days, especially with all of your newfound rocking and rolling. We have been hanging at the park quite a bit and you love the swings. I love your happy giggling self when you feel that rush of wind on your face. You have started to lean out of my arms more and more, seemingly saying, "Ok Mom, let me explore a bit." Which makes me crazy proud, and crazy heartbroken all at the same time. Bittersweet.

Thankfully, for a little while longer, you seem to be most content close to and hanging out with Mommy, though Daddy is coming in at a close second these days, which I know he is excited about. I know the time is coming that needing to carry you about and hold you all the live long day is only going to be here for another short eye blink, just don't make it too fast, okay?

I love you to the moon and back.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is two years old, Liam is seven months old

...and I hope I can keep him in the frame for the rest of this series.