Monday, September 9, 2013

A little ahead of myself.

So, remember how I said that this was going to be my 500th post?

Well, turns out I am a too busy to look at the details, barely glancing at the fine print, kinda gal. ''s not.

It's my like 483rd post or something.

The 499 was including all my unpublished drafts, yadda yadda yadda. Turns out I was all stricken with anxiety over my big 500th post ideas for naught.

And, thus ends your moment of Courtney stupidity for the day.

What this means instead is that I can post a whole lot more before worrying about that fun post and that I have more time to figure out how the heck I want to comemorate it.

I am a big celebrator of milestones.

It sort of drives my husband crazy.

{Remind me to tell you about the time that we had been dating for six months and was totally crushed that he thought nothing of it. He later tried to logic his way out of it because "anni = annual = yearly, not half a yearly." Sadly, he still did not win that discussion because it was being had with a 16 year old girl, to whom six months is a BIG FREAKING DEAL.}


Moving on.

I am super behind on my monthly posts for my darling little man, so those are all coming your way, as well as some plans that I have been working on behind the scenes for this here space, and all those home projects you have been hearing about for years on end and have never been shared (hello Evelyn's big girl room), and you know, whatever else pops into my not-so-little head.

I can say this will all be coming at you with confidence because FRIENDS.


Do you know what is great about school?

It helps you achieve NORMALCY and a SCHEDULE.


{this definitely merits all caps}

I have alone time with both of my babies scheduled into my week now and all of a sudden there is BALANCE IN MAH LIFE.

...and, that's all I've got this morning.


Evelyn Rae is two years old, my darling, bouncing baby boy is SEVEN MONTHS OLD TODAY, WTH

...and yeah. A SEVEN MONTH OLD.


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