Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Dreamy Bungalow {Downstairs Bath}

Another quick one today, because - House Showings! Ack!

{Seriously though - keeping a house continually clean with two small children may, in fact, kill me.}

So, downstairs bath. The majority of things in this bathroom are original to the house. Like, been there since the house was built in 1927.


This is what it looked like at our inspection.

Original (albeit dirty, ick) hex tile. Love.

Let's examine. Original cast iron tub to the right. Antique medicine cabinet. Original subway tile. 

…and mid 80's style builders grade bathroom sink?

Seriously. You can't see it, but this cabinet was like Oak Laminate, an awful color for that bathroom, and the countertop is a nice ivory swirl, which looked continually dingy against the white tile. And that faucet? Gorgeous, right? 

Plus - the dimensions were a-w-f-u-l. It was so deep that it made the bathroom feel squashed and tight, which, what? That room has ten foot ceilings! And see those open wall anchors in the tile right above the little backsplash thing? It was so short! It was just awkward.

I wish I had some in between photos (thought I did somewhere, but who knows). In the interim, in order to live with it, I painted that cabinet black, which made it not so awful. I painted the walls tan, as I was completely inspired by/wanted to copy the old bathroom over at Young House Love's first house. (Strangely similar, no?)

Anywho, eventually we couldn't deal with it any more, plus found the room totally boring on the whole.

So…in came our purple bathroom.

…and special shout out goes to Evelyn's princess potty seat and sticker chart over there in the back.

The room is so tall and the subway tile provides so much white that we felt comfortable going with a dark color in there. Why not?

Total Kids' bathroom these days. 

We put in a new overhead light fixture as well. I honestly don't even remember what the old one looked like, but it was awful. We liked the retro feel of this one.

Installing this vanity was in the very first handful of DIY projects that we attempted. It was a super affordable out of a box thing from one of the big box stores (don't remember which one), and I spruced it up a bit by adding those little crystal (looking) knobs, but we totally splurged on our faucet, which still makes me swoon. The sink and cabinet fit the bill color wise to go for the long haul in our bathroom and the dimensions are perfection. Slimmer, taller, big sink. check, check, check.

My rock star purple bathroom.

I shall miss you.



Evelyn Rae is two and a half, Liam is one and some change

…and tubby time with these kids in this bathroom is a ball.

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