Thursday, November 19, 2015

Take a Break, Preggo.

Since the very conception (ha ha!) of this little space, this lady in yellow has been my companion.

Hey, Preggo.

So lovely in her little capris and gender neutral, but fresh and sunny top.

For a while she hung out here by herself.

Ah, this space was so clean, and free of clutter. Much like my life as a newly pregnant woman. Ha. 

A little yellow, a little grey, (remember how I liked gray before that was a thing? Enough to paint the nursery grey? Before the term "greige" existed on Pinterest? Ahhh. The good old days.) a whole lotta white space.

Totally sophisticated. 

You know, as sophisticated as an animated lady sitting atop words can be. Sure. That.

And then, my precious babe was born. And life got hectic. So I never changed her. I toyed with some ideas but never actually pulled the trigger.

And then I didn't need to, because by the time I got around to this...

It was perfect. Liam was on his way.

As things go, second babies make your life even busier. This time I got around to choosing a baby to represent Liam and was toying with what I should pick for me - I mean, let's get a little more on point, that lady has brown eyes! Mine are blue!


Like a self fulfilling prophecy, little Preggo up there decided to stick around for another term. And then we had this little gem.

But now? Now I am benching you, Preggo.

Look - you've served me well. Been a true and loyal friend.


On the off chance that keeping you up there is some kind of talisman, or fertility idol, or whatever. You gotta take a break. You've done good work.

Rest up and we'll discuss a fourth quarter sometime down the road. 
Way down the road. 
An American road. 
Back in America. 


Until then, I'm calling in the new squad.

Because her eyes are blue. Right. That.

Also, #notpregnant 

Evelyn is 4, Liam is 2 and Patrick is 8 months

...and man, she's cute. Better step up my game.


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