Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Turns out, I am an absolute sucker for traditions.


I know in the world of the internet Halloween was like, YEARS ago, rather than just weeks...but traditions.

So, alongside making the kiddos Halloween costumes this year - which -

When in Japan, right?

...I also busted out that damn orange gingham again. ;)

*and* Miss Evelyn's Halloween headband, which has definitely proven its worth from the random rural fair booth from whence it came.

I will admit that this year was a bit of a shortcut, because Patrick is wearing the overalls I made two years ago for Liam.

And since the boys' pieces are reversible, you know we had to do a remix.

Poor Liam was fading fast...

But then I promised snacks...

So, all was well.

Whew. Another tradition kept.

Which, apparently I never posted last year. Oops. My bad.

...Oh.my.gosh. Look at their little 2014 faces.

They were toasting pumpkins.

Ugh, I cannot even.

Evelyn is oh-so-four, Liam is so very, very two, and Patrick is 8 months (!)

...and speaking of traditions...

Baby in a pumpkin!

More of that to come.