Thursday, December 10, 2015

Generally, one of my first stern "No"s with the kiddos come when I am breastfeeding and they inevitably  think, "Hey, let's try a little biting action, you know, just for fun."

Evelyn reacted in astonishment, a quick check in smile and then quickly covered with a sort of "My bad, Momma! Won't happen again."

Liam pulled his bottom lip almost up to his nose he was so sad, shed the largest crocodile tears ever seen and then nuzzled back in, preferring to pretend like nothing had happened.


This kid grins at me.

Straight up grins and laughs.

...I'm in trouble.

Evelyn is four, Liam is two, and Patrick is 8 months

...and these kids are fulfilling their birth order roles quite nicely, indeed.

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