Liam's Birth Story

It's finally here! Birth Story time! Just like last time, I am going to share the story in installments, because I am detail oriented (read: longwinded) and want to preserve every little memory possible for myself and kiddos.

Onto the good stuff!


Friday, February 8th dawned bright and sunshiny. I woke feeling relatively well rested and ready for the day, especially considering how sick I had been earlier in the week. Thanks, Norovirus.

In fact, I was feeling a strange sense of urgency to get things done.  I also had a fleeting thought that it would be a good day to have a baby. I felt more ready than I had in weeks.

Looking back, duh, I should have known that this was the beginning of my body getting ready for labor. Haven’t I always been a procrastinator? Clearly the fact that I wanted to accomplish things meant that there was a deadline in front of me.

I knew not much had changed in my body’s progress thanks to my appointment earlier in the week. I was still 3 cm dilated, just like I had been for weeks before.  I knew from walking around dilated at 4 cm with Evelyn that this kind of thing could go on for a while longer.

The midwives assured me that my cervix was good and ready though and with a few good contractions it would be baby time. We even discussed rupturing membranes at my 40 week appointment the following Monday – they had a light afternoon schedule that day, so they would be happy to catch a baby! Haha. Oh, midwives.

So, I got up, got dressed (in real clothes!) made breakfast for the bug and put together a plan for the day. I had my sister snap my 39 week photos (since I finally didn’t feel like death warmed over), loaded Baby Girl up in the big old rental car that we had (thanks to A’s fender bender our car was in the shop) and we headed to the bank, Exchange and Commissary.

needed to run ERRANDS, to cross things off my list. I was so driven and productive that day. I bought healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables. It was absolutely necessary, which my husband thought was insane – he was getting off work and wanted to take the rental car back, pick up our car, etc. I tried to explain how imperative my errands were and that his would just have to wait. 

Sorry buddy, I have been in bed all week and I need to get these things done. Now.

Once I got home from my errands we did, in fact, head out to trade back the cars. It took a little longer than we thought and it was quite late when we returned. Yet, I could not be deterred from my need to vacuum the entire house. The whole house seemed so messy to me after all the projects we had been doing and I was convinced that the house was just.not.clean.enough.

How could we ever bring a baby back to this house?!  And why were all the other adults around me so FINE with the state of this mess?!

I vacuumed the entire upstairs, caring very little that A was trying to do bedtime routine with Evelyn -who cared if Baby Girl’s bed time got pushed back a little farther if it meant her floor would be clean?! I vacuumed the stairs and every nook and cranny in the hallways and downstairs of our house, much to the annoyance of my sister and her boyfriend who were trying to watch TV in the Living Room. 

Sorry folks, NECESSARY

Needless to say, I headed to bed that night feeling really great about where I was. I felt so good about my to-do(ne) list, that I half expected to snuggle down into the covers and for contractions to start immediately. (They didn’t.) After all, I finally had hospital bags packed, an overnight bag for Evelyn packed, and my house looked like a house again, instead of just a giant craft room.

In fact I had checked off a big task that had been hanging over my head for months that very afternoon...

While at the Exchange, I finally found and bought and dropped off at the embroidery booth an acceptable shirt for Evelyn - you know, to be made into her “Big Sister” shirt.

Yes, I had approximately nine months to procure one for her – and I failed to do so.

I win at life. 

The embroidery lady asked when I needed it, explained they were a little backed up, etc. I replied that I was due on Sunday...

She simply responded by looking down at my giant belly, raising her eyebrows and saying, “Wow. How about tomorrow at 5?”

And then, after a short pause,

“You know what? I am just going to go ahead and write down my direct number in case you end up needing it sooner than that.”

As I laughed along with her, I had no idea how right she was.


Saturday morning also dawned a bright one. I could tell from a quick glance that it was cold, but at least it was bright, with plenty of sun streaming in through the windows across our bedroom.

As I woke up slowly to the sound of Evelyn calling, “Mommy! Daddy!” across the monitor, a vision of warm, syrupy pancakes popped into my head.

“Yummm,” I thought.

And then, “You know what? Ashley and Drew are here, I bet everyone would really enjoy some pancakes. I am going to get up and make a big ol’ family breakfast. What a great Saturday morning.”

I told my sleepy husband of my intentions and climbed out of bed – only to be hit by a pesky contraction. I glanced at the clock, it was about 7:45. Husband glanced at me stopping mid-movement and said, “You ok?”

Since I had been having contractions on and off for two weeks or so, I replied, “Yeah, just another contraction. We shall see.”

And with that I headed to Ev’s room to give her a kiss and a hug, hit the bathroom, then waddled on downstairs to whip up some breakfast.

While mixing and flipping those cakes, I had two more contractions. A didn’t seem all that disturbed and when I sort of mentioned that we might be headed towards having a baby today, I could tell that he didn’t really believe me. To tell the truth at that point I didn’t know if I believed me, either so I chuckled inwardly at this whole “your life could change at any moment and you have no control over it” feeling.

We had been so sure that this was IT the previous Sunday, and then it wasn’t. I kept talking myself in and out of it. I had been asleep for the majority of the beginning of labor with Evelyn, so, what did I know? They certainly weren’t consistent. Did they feel like “real” contractions? I couldn’t really remember if they felt like this before. I was, however, starting to get suspicious.

We sat down to breakfast and at one point while eating I literally had to stand up to lean over the table and breathe through my fourth contraction of the day. That’s when it hit me – this was indeed for real.

I was still intent on taking it easy, not freaking everyone out in a frenzy of “Baby Time!” so, I sat down and finished my breakfast, assuring the staring faces around me that all was well.

By the time breakfast was over, I asked A to go ahead and text his sister to let her know she should probably be on stand by to head down from Richmond – that was about 9:30. I had experienced about 5 contractions that demanded my attention, but I was still talking through them, too. They were sort of intense, but not terrible. Also, they were all like right at my cervix. Like all of the pressure and fleeting “pain” (as it wasn’t really painful yet) were pinpointed to one spot.

See, here’s the thing that in both of my births has been stuck in my head…in birth class we learned that one of the differentiations between “real” and “practice” contractions was that real contractions sort of radiate from back to front. Yet, both times I have been in labor, I have gotten to good active labor before I truly believe it because I am forever telling myself, “Sure this hurts, but is it radiating from back to front? No? Then it’s probably not for real.”

Well, I am here to tell you folks that I have never in either of my births felt a contraction radiate from back to front – so turns out you can have “real” contractions without that little phenomenon. Even after I didn’t feel that with Ev, I still thought that it must be true when in labor this go round. I also couldn’t really pinpoint a beginning and an end of contractions, so again, I told myself that we were really early on in this process, and to not get too excited yet. Strange, but true.

At this point, breakfast was over and we were all just sort of hanging out. I sat on my birth ball for a while, and A watched TV, glancing at me every time I made a little face. I could tell he thought maybe I was for real in labor, but he didn’t truly believe it yet. I couldn’t really stand sitting around, so I got up and started hanging pictures. I know. I am a crazy person.

(Sidenote – all those pictures totally need to be rehung because I did a really slapdash job with them. I just couldn’t stand the idea that they not get hung before I brought this baby home. Thank goodness I used Command Strips and wasn’t putting a bajillion holes in our walls.)

As I toiled away at stupid menial straightening and organizing tasks, I started formulating a plan for the day. We would need to call Oma Lori, Austin’s stepmom, who was going to take care of Ev for us. I would need to make sure Evelyn had her bags together. I thought we still had plenty of time; after all we weren’t even timing contractions yet.

So, I kept puttering around taking care of things while my husband looked at me with what he thought was well-veiled skepticism, but I saw right through him.  That man did not think we were having a baby. But he was content to let me be productive, while he relaxed, so he wasn’t about to say anything.

I handed the receipt for Ev’s “Big Girl” shirt to my sister – she was getting ready to head to a matinee on a little double date – and explained that I may need her to pick that up for me before the day was out. She definitely took me a lot more seriously than my husband did at the time. I may have even caught an eye roll from him out of the corner of my vision, as I impressed upon her the importance of not losing said receipt.

By 10:30 I convinced everyone that it was time to start timing these things because they were getting pretty damn close together, and by 10:40 we had texted Lori to let her know that "Baby Time" was more than likely going to be today. They were a minute long and 8, no 7, and pretty soon 6 minutes apart.

And as someone certainly started taking me a bit more seriously after those ten minutes, we put Evelyn down for an early nap as I continued to piece together the things I would need to have a baby.


By 11:40 we were texting everyone that this was "Go" time. I had been having contractions that had averaged a minute long since we began timing them a little over an hour before. As time crept on, they were getting noticeably closer together jumping from about every 8 minutes at 10:30 to every 5 minutes by 11:20.

Lori had been at the commissary grabbing some groceries and we texted her at about 11:45 (after texting Haley to let her know to “Come on Down”) to let her know that she should probably swing by our house on the way home to pick up Evelyn.

I hated that we were going to have to wake her up from her nap, but I also knew that it had already been super distracting for me to have her around while I was laboring. I just kept thinking and worrying about her and not focusing at all on labor and the task at hand, let alone focus on the monumental life change that was about to happen, or get excited. Where was my giddy attitude that had accompanied the earlier stages of labor with Evelyn? I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull it together and get in the zone until she was safely tucked away and having fun elsewhere.

Lori and Auntie Emily knocked on the door shortly thereafter, and I think they were surprised when I answered the door. I smiled at them and pulled the headphones I had been listening with out of my ears. (It had been my plan to compile my birth playlist that morning after making the list of songs I wanted a few days before. Alas, I didn’t ever get to it, so I was just listening to my workout mix and trying to get amped. ) They both had big smiles on their faces as they came in and chuckled with me as I went about my business grabbing all of Evelyn’s “gear” for them to take.

A headed in to grab Evelyn from her nap – she had only been sleeping for 30 minutes or so – and brought her downstairs. Baby girl has had the tendency if she wakes up too soon from her nap to want to snuggle for a while with the person who gets her up…and have nothing to do with anyone else. Since this is the norm for her, I tried not to be too offended when she wouldn’t give me a hug, kiss or even a smile before she left, though it made my heart break a bit inside. I knew this was the last time I was going to be with her before we became a family of four and I selfishly wanted my last little snuggle. I tried to take it in stride as she headed for the door, her little tousled head of hair on her Daddy’s shoulder. I got some hugs and wishes for luck from the other ladies and decided to get myself in the zone.

First, let’s make sure this labor is strong and on track. I knew that last time the midwives had wanted me to wait until I had one minute long contractions every 3 minutes, and that they had been that way for an hour, before we called. But this time? I had neglected to ask if the procedure was different for a second baby, which seemed from most stories to be notoriously quicker. I still felt like I had early in the morning when in labor with Ev – totally normal in between contractions, able to carry on a conversation, etc.

Ev was getting loaded up in the car and it was about 12:15 or so. I figured I would hop in the shower. If they stopped, or slowed down, I wouldn’t call. If they didn’t – I would.  Plus, even though I had done my hair, I wanted to shave my legs. (Crazy lady in labor)

I started running the water and A came upstairs. I plugged in my iPod into a dock and told him to make sure all the bags were in one place, ready to go.  I listened to the music and let the water run over my belly while I shouted out “Another one!” and “Ok, it’s over!” to him so that he could continue timing.

Twenty minutes later and I started getting bored in the shower. I thought to myself how lame it was that someday I may have to labor like this at a hospital if they didn’t have tubs available. And what if they didn’t even have showers? Ugh. I mean, the water was great during a contraction, but it only sprayed directly on my belly, and I had to stand, and when I wasn’t having a contraction? I was just bored looking around…standing in a shower.


“What is wrong with me?” I kept thinking. “Why aren’t I more excited about this?! Did I not prepare myself enough and now I am letting anxiety take over? No, I don’t feel anxious, necessarily. Surprised? I mean I amsurprised – it is a day before my due date, after all. And I had half convinced myself this baby was going to be as late as Evelyn so that I didn’t keep getting disappointed that each day wasn’t “Baby Day”. Hmmm, maybe that’s it? Maybe I just don’t want to get too excited in case I get to the hospital and they tell me, jk, turn around and go back home you silly laboring Momma – you have hardly progressed at all! Don’t you know what actual labor feels like? Haven’t you given birth before?”

I called out to my husband and had him come into the bathroom. I instructed him to tell me in great detail how excited he was, what he was feeling and what he was most excited about, etc. I told him I was trying to get pumped and giddy, and for some reason there was some sort of mental block.  For those of you that know my husband, you probably realize that this was a large task for him – putting his feelings and emotions into words? Whaddya mean crazy lady?

Bless his heart, he tried to be convincing. I didn’t say anything to him, but I knew he STILL didn’t really believe me. He still didn’t believe that this was happening. Or at least not that it was happening as quickly as necessitated the crazy preparations that I was instructing him in. Things weren’t like last time. I hadn’t thrown up at all, I hadn’t had to go to the bathroom a bajillion times.

I let him off the hook and told him he could stop timing these things. Labor clearly wasn’t stopping and they had been every 3-5 minutes for an hour. It was time to call the midwives. I sent him to place the call and wait for the return one while I toweled myself off and tried to figure out what the heck to wear to the hospital – my laboring clothes were packed (the exact same ones as last time) but it was about 80 degrees colder than it had been when I headed to the hospital with Ev. I didn’t think my flip flops, a short shirt and cami would cut it. I grabbed a pair of yoga pants – non-maternity, which would later prove to be a huge annoyance – an jumped back on the phone with Jennifer, who had just called us back. It was a little after 1pm.

She listed to me through a contraction and said, “You are doing great! Based on the state of your cervix at our last appointment, I am going to go ahead and tell you to come in. We aren’t busy, so even if you aren’t that far along you could probably stay, and from what I am hearing, I think these contractions could very quickly transform into transition.”

I laughed on the phone with her and said, “Ok Jennifer! Whatever you say! We will see you in a bit.”

She also told me that there was a student midwife with her that day and asked if I would mind if she attended my birth with Jennifer to observe. I believe my exact words were, “Sure! Who am I to stand in the way of education?”

Yes, I am aware that I am a crazy person. Who says stuff like that in labor? And with that, I was suddenly excited! At least Jennifer believed me! Even if I wasn’t very far along and had a long day, we were going to the hospital to meet our baby! Huzzah! Progress!

When I told A that she had given us the green light, I could tell that he was still in denial. We gathered our things, in no real rush, A started lugging them out to the car, and Haley popped right up onto the porch! As we joked about how she had made it to the house this time (when she came for Ev’s birth she met us at the hospital), she asked if we would mind if she used our bathroom really quickly before we all left. I inwardly laughed about how Haley and A both have smaller bladders than a hugely pregnant woman.

With that business all wrapped up we loaded into our perspective cars and hit the road. Again, I found myself thankful that I only had to labor in the car a short while. The contractions were much closer together now and were all still centered and pointed right at my cervix – coincidentally RIGHT where the band on my yoga pants rested. Sitting was obnoxious, and since I couldn’t stand in the car I was relieved when we finally parked.

A quick call from Nana.

We made our way into the hospital with all of our gear in town and I had to stop for a couple of contractions. Each time I would reach down and yank the stupid waistband of those pants and hold them out from my abdomen. What was I thinking, putting those damn things on? I joked about how I wasn’t wearing any underwear and hoped I wasn’t giving anyone a show. In between contractions we were all pretty light hearted and happy. We cracked jokes and smiled and laughed with one another and I could tell that my excitement was starting to creep to those around me.

The office assistant took me right into the room that had been prepared for us – the very same one that I had delivered Evelyn in! That was so fun for me! Same room, same tub, same bed. It was just after two.

She explained that Jennifer would come in and check me and we would see what the plan would be from there. From the way we were all in such a jovial mood I could tell the nurses thought we might have a long road ahead of us. To be honest, I did too! I got up, went to the bathroom and waited for Jennifer, hoping to be at 5 cm. That was where I was when I had arrived with Ev, and I thought it would be awesome to already be that far. I didn’t really think I was – after all, no throwing up, and I was still laughing during some of my contractions!

Jennifer waltzed in, introduced the student midwife and got to know the rest of my team. She had my lie back for what would be my first and only cervical check.

“You are a good 6cm, completely effaced and zero station. Your waters are bulging. As soon as they break, we are going to have a baby. Want to get in the tub?”

With such a matter of fact statement that we were indeed having a baby – and sometime soon – A and I looked at each other and burst into giggles.

Things were about to get real.


Jennifer let me know right away that the first order of business was getting my 20 minutes of pesky required monitoring out of the way. I had to lie on the bed for this and have those damn itchy monitors strapped to my belly.

I didn’t like that last time and I didn’t like it this time, but I figured I could deal for 20 minutes.

Seriously, those things are so itchy.

When and if the day comes where I have to go to a normal hospital, or a military hospital and have to have those things on all the time it is going to be the equivalent of water torture for me.

(That may be a bit dramatic).

In any case, the machines showed that baby was handling contractions super well, had the heart rates that we wanted to see, husband was texting everyone that this was really happening, and I was cleared to get in the tub!

I ran to the restroom again, changed into my bikini top and headed for the tub.

Now, let’s talk about my nurse. She was seriously the nicest lady – and she was back the next day to continue taking care of us, so I had quite the amount of time with her – but during labor, I need to be honest, she annoyed the crap out of me.

First, she held me up from getting in the tub to get me to sign a bunch of paperwork, alright, necessary, I get it...

...But then, she held me up to put my thumbprints on the ceremonial “birth certificate” that the hospital gives you. I repeat, ceremonial.

All I could think was, “Um, kind of in the middle of something here, lady! My thumbprints will be the same when I am not in labor – promise.”

Thankfully, my labor team assures me that I was nothing but nice to her (other than in my head where the snarkiness was hitting alarming heights - oh, Labor Land).

And then, “Ahhh.” Sweet bliss of the tub. Jennifer asked right before I got in if I wanted to take off my skirt before entering.

Foolishly, I said no.

She made a comment that if I wasn’t feeling the crazy desire to begin shedding my clothes, it might not be time for the tub after all. But, a few moments after entering that water and feeling that wet cloth around me I said, “Yup, that was a mistake. Someone take this thing.”

I was still having some good space between the contractions, but the pressure was getting intense. Holy Cow, I had forgotten this. I was still joking with everyone in between the contractions, and just looked down at the water when I was breathing through them.

Jennifer found a towel for me to rest my forehead on, as being up on my knees in the water was definitely the best position for me. The jets were sort of distracting so they were soon turned off.

Shortly after three, I felt a change. The pressure was so intense that it was unbelievable. I just kept saying, “the pressure, the pressure” in a sort of trance like way during contractions, which were closing in on top of one another. Jennifer talked me through it, giving me the go ahead to give a few pushes to see if my water would break to relieve some of that pressure. 

I looked up and saw that she and the student midwife were both suited up to catch a baby, and that the warmer had been brought into the room!

Holy crap! This means baby time!

She also mentioned that I needed to decide where I wanted to have this baby, because once my water broke, she was pretty certain the baby wouldn’t be far behind.

I kept telling everyone that I didn’t know what I wanted to happen, and that if I didn’t feel like getting out – welp, then we were having a water birth!

I pushed tentatively to see if I could get my water to break. In my head I just kept talking to myself about how I couldn’t believe how fast this was going!

We had only been there an hour!

This was insane.

It couldn’t be time yet, could it?

I was just making everyone brunch a few hours ago!

Intermittently, my nurse had to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler. Thankfully, they have one that can go underwater, which is great. Not so thankfully, the baby’s heartbeat was down so low that I had to push myself up out of the water so that she could reach to find it.

She asked me to sit up in between contractions, but then she could not find the heartbeat fast enough before the next one would hit, and there I was, out of the water! She was trying to work fast and the logical part of me knew it, but in my head I was getting snarkier by the minute.

Who me, annoyed? Never.

I kept groaning and pushing a bit with contractions. Jennifer remarked that I must have a bag of steel surrounding my baby for it to still be intact. I laughed inwardly and then suddenly, everything was clear and I was in the zone.

No fear, no anxiety over the speed of this labor, I was ready for this pressure to be gone and we were having this baby.

Right now.

And boom. My water broke.

It was about 3:20.


Jennifer looked down and remarked that my water was clear, which was great, and I immediately knew from how I had been pushing and how exhausted my legs were that I wasn’t going to be able to hold my same position in the tub for much longer, so I requested heading for the bed. Unknowingly, I had been clenching my thigh muscles really tightly - my quads ached for two days after birth because I had pushed so much energy into them. 

As I climbed out of the tub and headed for the bed my water continued to gush, and towards the end of it we saw signs of meconium. I had a momentary blip of anxiety when Jennifer mentioned that it was well diluted and that the baby had great coping signs with labor up until this point, but that they would still need to page a pediatrician to be present for delivery.

Since she was so calm about this new development, I was able to regain my calm and remain focused too. Thankfully, when you are at that point in labor everything else seems really unimportant also because you are just so in tune with the task before you.

I laid down, rolled over into the same position that I had used to push for Evelyn, grabbed my husbands hand and got ready to go. The pressure, though it had abated for a moment of sweet relief when my water broke, was back with a vengeance.

“Oh, right, THIS is what having a baby feels like,” I remember thinking to myself. “Did I really do this before, or was it just a dream? How did I do this before and look back on it with happiness and excitement? Holy shit this is intense. I can't believe we are already pushing! This is so surreal - we just got here! I didn't think I would meet this baby so quickly!”

Then, as the first contraction hit, I roared out loud and bore down.

Inwardly, I thought in a rush, “You have done this before, and you are going to do this again right now! Get this done, Courtney!”

After that first push, Jennifer exclaimed that what a great job I had done already, but gently reminded me that all of that energy I was letting go through my mouth was a waste – I should push that roar down where it counts.

As I felt that amazing pressure that I honestly think you only truly understand in that very moment – I remember clearly thinking that no memory will ever quite do it justice – I pushed for all my might.

And then I kept pushing, after the contraction was gone, just trying to get that baby out! I hovered in between pain, determination, exhaustion and excitement. Jennifer reminded me that if the contraction was over, I could stop pushing.

Oh, right.

Again, I groaned and let go of my leg. This time Jennifer was not so gentle in her reminder that I was the one delivering this baby, no one else, so keep holding that leg up and stop letting that energy escape through my mouth!

That slightly stern moment was exactly what I needed. With the next contraction I held it together, pushed all of that power down – and that was it! I felt the baby slide out onto the bed.

One minute shy of an hour and a half after arriving at the hospital, at 3:34 pm, after three pushes in a total of nine minutes, and William Brawford made his glorious entrance into the world, one whole day shy of his estimated due date.

His Daddy looked down and tearfully announced that he was a boy!

Jennifer cut the cord and he was quickly whisked over to the pediatrician. She informed us of what was happening, and reassured us that from the immediate pinkness she had seen and that first strong wail, he seemed to be just fine.

I felt amazing, and was once again crying and laughing in the mixture of sweet relief and joy that is the post birth high. A and I varied between staring at each other, laughing and wiping tears away and and glancing anxiously over at the warmer.

I knew in my bones that he was perfect before the pediatrician even finished his exam, but I sent his Daddy over to check things out, assuring him that I was just fine. The doctor looked over at us and said he was just wonderful and wished us congratulations.

…and yet, my arms were strangely empty. Yet again, that silly ceremonial birth certificate – with no legal bearing, mind you – was standing in my way!

The pediatric nurse was printing Liam’s feet onto that paper before bringing him over to me.

People! You KNOW that thing is just a piece of paper, right?! Ack! I sensed annoyance creeping up over me again. Not only was this totally different from Evelyn being able to come right up to my chest, but now they were worried about making footprints?! Give me my baby you crazy people! I am about to go full on Mama Bear on you!

Thankfully, Jennifer sensed the ridiculousness of the moment and spoke up before I did, and I was quickly able to introduce myself to my brand new son.

And, it was like we had never been separated at all.


Once Liam was brought back over to us, we snuggled with some skin to skin time, and just like his sister, he snuggled himself right up to start some breastfeeding while I waited to deliver the placenta. Jennifer was so great and patient while we waited for my body to do its thing and soon enough, there it went.

They monitored my blood pressure while Jennifer took care of the little baby tear that I had (in exactly the same place that I had torn with Evelyn). She took her time and was sure to show the student midwife what she was doing, etc. while she joked with us that she liked to be slow and precise because she didn't want to be responsible for ruining anyone's sex life! Ha.

Meanwhile my sister and Drew had arrived at the hospital, and the nurses mentioned that my Mother in Law was getting pretty antsy outside. We hadn't told anyone yet if the baby was a boy or a girl, so we knew they were pretty amped. 

I love this photo, because I know that I probably just said, 
"Well here we go! Life with two!"

We sent Haley to go retrieve the rest of the family so that we could do the big announcement and I got up to go to the bathroom promptly this time (so they didn't have to threaten me with a catheter like last time, when I didn't know that it was an issue if I didn't pee.)

We were so excited for everyone to come in and make the announcement ourselves this time! So much fun! This is the moment that makes you feel all "Team Green for the win! "

"It's a Boy!!!"

{P.S. I love that Jennifer and our student midwife are in the background of this picture and are so excited. They are "Squee"-ing back there!}

Needless to say, everyone was thrilled - and surprised - except for Drew. He knew Baby Ferris/Bump was a boy all along! If we're being honest here, and that's what this space is about after all...

...I wasn't surprised either.

No, I never peeked at the envelope, BUT I did have a very lucid dream about a month or so before I delivered. I was talking to my mom on the phone and looking out over a backyard, that isn't our current one, but still was ours, you know the way something can be in a dream. In any case, I was looking out at two kids playing and talking to my mom and said very distinctly, "Well, I need to go so I can get Evelyn and Liam ready..."

And when I woke up, I knew.

But, as I explained to everyone then, I didn't tell anyone.

Because, well, I don't like to be wrong. I know that's a shock.

I called my parents, and we sent out the text messages and let our wider circle know, as everyone else got a little bit of snuggle time with Liam. He got his first bath, and my wonderful Mother in Law headed out to get us some sandwiches. Huzzah! Food!

 Right around 5:30 or so - the troops arrived! Oma and Opa brought the big girl to meet her new little brother! She had not gone back to sleep after leaving the house, and had a big and exciting day, so she was pretty amped in the overtired, look at all my favorite people in the same place kind of way.

Aunt Ashley headed out to get Evelyn changes into her "Big Sister" outfit that she had graciously run around town collecting for me earlier that day.

The took a little detour to look at evelyn's footprints on the wall and wait for the baby's bath and some other miscellaneous things to finish happening in our room.

So, um, what are we waiting for, folks?

We wanted her to be as least overwhelmed as possible so Daddy headed out to hang out with her for a second and explain that she was going to come in and meet Mommy and the new baby that was in my belly, but was here now. We had been talking about the baby coming out for the past myth or so before that, and she understood about as much as an almost 19 month old can.

Meanwhile, we managed to get a couple of Mother/Son shots.

And then, it was time!

She immediately said, "Mommy!" and was so excited. Then she clambered up onto the bed and crawled over to meet "her" baby. To the delight of everyone in the room, she said, "Baby! Awwwwwww." and was generally pretty cute.

A relieved Momma.

Ev got up to run around the room and entertain people as we welcomed other friends and chatted.

...and then she was ready for more baby time!

I will cherish these photos forever. 

Forever. Forever.

Hi Baby! 

My favorite.

Overall, he handled the attention pretty well. I could tell all of the grandparents were getting antsy, and I was starving, so I was happy to hand baby around so I could binge! 

For those interested - Taste Unlimited. Yumm. Guilt-free Brie! Huzzah!

Then, baby Liam came back to us for some snuggles.

Slowly, folks started heading out. We were still snuggling and happy, but I knew that Ev had been going all day and that she really needed to go to bed. So, we said a quick good night, as I tried not to be too upset about not being with my baby girl that night. At least she gave all of us kisses and hugs, unlike earlier that day, so it was a little easier.

Our friends Dan and Lisa stayed behind, with, as they had promised the whole time I was pregnant, a bottle of champagne! Well, Prosecco, as it was. 

But, Bubbles! and Alcohol! And sneaking around so we didn't get in trouble! Yay, fun!

Cheers, friends.

And then, after everyone else left. We snuggled in tight with our new little man, ordered a pizza and watched a movie. We drifted off in that same bed that I had birthed both of my babies in with a filled and bigger heart than when I had arrived.

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