Friday, March 29, 2013

The Birth of William Brawford: Epilogue

Get caught up:


Once Liam was brought back over to us, we snuggled with some skin to skin time, and just like his sister, he snuggled himself right up to start some breastfeeding while I waited to deliver the placenta. Jennifer was so great and patient while we waited for my body to do its thing and soon enough, there it went.

They monitored my blood pressure while Jennifer took care of the little baby tear that I had (in exactly the same place that I had torn with Evelyn). She took her time and was sure to show the student midwife what she was doing, etc. while she joked with us that she liked to be slow and precise because she didn't want to be responsible for ruining anyone's sex life! Ha.

Meanwhile my sister and Drew had arrived at the hospital, and the nurses mentioned that my Mother in Law was getting pretty antsy outside. We hadn't told anyone yet if the baby was a boy or a girl, so we knew they were pretty amped. 

I love this photo, because I know that I probably just said, 
"Well here we go! Life with two!"

We sent Haley to go retrieve the rest of the family so that we could do the big announcement and I got up to go to the bathroom promptly this time (so they didn't have to threaten me with a catheter like last time, when I didn't know that it was an issue if I didn't pee.)

We were so excited for everyone to come in and make the announcement ourselves this time! So much fun! This is the moment that makes you feel all "Team Green for the win! "

"It's a Boy!!!"

{P.S. I love that Jennifer and our student midwife are in the background of this picture and are so excited. They are "Squee"-ing back there!}

Needless to say, everyone was thrilled - and surprised - except for Drew. He knew Baby Ferris/Bump was a boy all along! If we're being honest here, and that's what this space is about after all...

...I wasn't surprised either.

No, I never peeked at the envelope, BUT I did have a very lucid dream about a month or so before I delivered. I was talking to my mom on the phone and looking out over a backyard, that isn't our current one, but still was ours, you know the way something can be in a dream. In any case, I was looking out at two kids playing and talking to my mom and said very distinctly, "Well, I need to go so I can get Evelyn and Liam ready..."

And when I woke up, I knew.

But, as I explained to everyone then, I didn't tell anyone.

Because, well, I don't like to be wrong. I know that's a shock.

I called my parents, and we sent out the text messages and let our wider circle know, as everyone else got a little bit of snuggle time with Liam. He got his first bath, and my wonderful Mother in Law headed out to get us some sandwiches. Huzzah! Food!

 Right around 5:30 or so - the troops arrived! Oma and Opa brought the big girl to meet her new little brother! She had not gone back to sleep after leaving the house, and had a big and exciting day, so she was pretty amped in the overtired, look at all my favorite people in the same place kind of way.

Aunt Ashley headed out to get Evelyn changes into her "Big Sister" outfit that she had graciously run around town collecting for me earlier that day.

The took a little detour to look at evelyn's footprints on the wall and wait for the baby's bath and some other miscellaneous things to finish happening in our room.

So, um, what are we waiting for, folks?

We wanted her to be as least overwhelmed as possible so Daddy headed out to hang out with her for a second and explain that she was going to come in and meet Mommy and the new baby that was in my belly, but was here now. We had been talking about the baby coming out for the past myth or so before that, and she understood about as much as an almost 19 month old can.

Meanwhile, we managed to get a couple of Mother/Son shots.

And then, it was time!

She immediately said, "Mommy!" and was so excited. Then she clambered up onto the bed and crawled over to meet "her" baby. To the delight of everyone in the room, she said, "Baby! Awwwwwww." and was generally pretty cute.

A relieved Momma.

Ev got up to run around the room and entertain people as we welcomed other friends and chatted.

...and then she was ready for more baby time!

I will cherish these photos forever. 

Forever. Forever.

Hi Baby! 

My favorite.

Overall, he handled the attention pretty well. I could tell all of the grandparents were getting antsy, and I was starving, so I was happy to hand baby around so I could binge! 

For those interested - Taste Unlimited. Yumm. Guilt-free Brie! Huzzah!

Then, baby Liam came back to us for some snuggles.

Slowly, folks started heading out. We were still snuggling and happy, but I knew that Ev had been going all day and that she really needed to go to bed. So, we said a quick good night, as I tried not to be too upset about not being with my baby girl that night. At least she gave all of us kisses and hugs, unlike earlier that day, so it was a little easier.

Our friends Dan and Lisa stayed behind, with, as they had promised the whole time I was pregnant, a bottle of champagne! Well, Prosecco, as it was. 

But, Bubbles! and Alcohol! And sneaking around so we didn't get in trouble! Yay, fun!

Cheers, friends.

And then, after everyone else left. We snuggled in tight with our new little man, ordered a pizza and watched a movie. We drifted off in that same bed that I had birthed both of my babies in with a filled and bigger heart than when I had arrived.

Evelyn is 20 months old, Liam is 6 weeks old

...and the joy that a new baby brings with them is just so ridiculous and amazing.


  1. Seeing big sis with baby brother for the first time so, so precious! What wonderful memories! You look beautiful.

    1. Thank you Laura! I am so very, very excited to see which way the pendulum is going to swing in your family! xoxox

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