Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Month

My Dearest Liam,

Welcome to the world, little man. As I sit down to write your very first monthly letter, you are sleeping soundly, arms stretched above your head in your very favorite bassinet. It has been a whole month since you made your crazy debut into this wide world, and I can barely even believe that.

This month has flown by, as much as I try to soak up every little moment of your newborn-ness that I can. It has been a whirlwind of a month! You have had so many visitors, including Grandma and Grandpa all the way from Wisconsin, and you have won everyone over with your calm little personality.

Your sister is alternatively absolutely enamored and obsessed with you or she completely ignores your presence. I think that is the most we can expect from a 19 month old, and by the time you ever read these letters you might in fact hope that she ignores you more often. She really is very cute with you, bringing you blankets and pacifiers when you cry and saying "Awwww" and caressing your cheek or arm while you sleep. You have also very quickly entered her "roll call" in the morning when she asks for the location of each member of the family.

You are an absolutely sweet little newborn. Your first two weeks you were undoubtedly the calmest baby. Then you found your voice. we definitely know when you are unhappy or need something from us, as now you very quickly go from a little pout on your face to a full blown scream. You are almost always very quickly assuaged, however.

The occasions where you haven't been so quickly calmed are few and far between, but pretty memorable. You like to snuggle and sleep on our chests much more than your sister ever did at this age, so I have been wearing you in the Moby Wrap a whole bunch so that you are close to my heartbeat and tucked in snuggly while I chase your sister about.

You are certainly a good eater, though you like to take your time about it and savor every last drop. You have gained almost two pounds in the last month and grown almost two inches. Your Daddy is pretty sure that you are going to be bigger than him by the time you are fourteen or so. You have long fingers and big feet - I think you take after your Momma on that side of things.

You are a ruddy little baby - so much darker than your sister ever was - but you have a very fair, baby soft complexion when you are in a deep sleep and completely relaxed. As your Nana said right after you were born, "you must have a lot of red blood cells!"You have such fine golden hair and eyelashes, we have to look hard just to see your eyelashes sometimes because they are so fair. You have deep blue eyes and time will tell if they change color, but betting on my knowledge of genetics, I think they will stay blue.

I am so in love with all of your little newborn coos and smiles as they are still pretty rare. I find myself staring at you and wondering what you will look like and be like in even just a few short months. I know things change so quickly at this age that I am trying to soak up every furrowed brow and baby expression.

So far we call you "Liam", which was always the plan, and short for your full name, "William." William Brawford is such a manly name that I mostly call you "Little Man". You already look so masculine that it really shocked me for the first week or so that you were here. (Granted, most of my newborn experiences are with baby girls. )

Your Daddy and I decided on your name many, many years ago, before we were even engaged. We have talked about you for so long that it is hard to really believe that you are here, a tiny little being, carrying that name. A new baby is always so surreal, but you, my son, are an extra bit so, since you were imagined for so long, and are now so very real.

I am so excited for you to be here with us, Little Man. I can't wait to see what the next month brings.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is 19 months old, Liam is 1 month old

...and he also likes to check out the world through one slightly opened eye when he's not quite asleep

Aren't you done taking pictures of me yet, lady?

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