Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh, technology.

Friends, I must tell you about the triumph that technology has made in our home.

Our internet has been, let's say, "wonky" for the last year or maybe longer. We made the journey and transition from DSL to cable a while back and were amazed at what all of our wireless enabled devices could do...for like, a hot second.

Then we started not getting a signal in different parts of our house. Like our new bedroom. We called in to our ISP and they explained that since we have plaster walls (those damn plaster walls, impeding me and my life...AGAIN) it was likely we weren't getting a signal because it couldn't get through. We would need a stronger modem, and likely a wireless signal repeater and all sorts of fun jazzy sounding technical stuff.

Because OF COURSE the modem that they had given us that we were renting every month, was the bottom of the barrel and not strong enough to transmit through our just under 2,000 sq. ft. house. Argh.

We are on the precipice of cutting cable in our home and doing the whole antenna/Netflix/Hulu +/AppleTV thing, so we NEED the internet to work.

Plus, this whole SAHM gig is way more fun with connection to the outside world.

Anyway, my loving, technical wiz of a husband ordered all the appropriate stuff and HUZZAH! Our internet works everywhere, and is GREAT.

I even have my wireless enabled printer hooked up successfully to the network now! I can print from ANYWHERE! (read: I don't have to way until nap time to print things because I can keep an eyeball on Miss Thing while printing from wherever we are rather than retreating to the guest room and hoping I don't hear any ominous noises coming from wherever I left her to play.)

It's like our life was in 2008, you know, when we cared and didn't have babies to distract us from successfully hooking things up, all over again.

Plus, the iPad can now successfully run the Disney Jr. app while Evelyn is snuggled in my bed in the mornings, which equals a little extra lounge time for Mommy in the mornings.

Oh, technology.

Evelyn Rae is 19 months old, Liam is 3 weeks old

...and Mommy needs that extra time in the mornings due to middle of the night feedings and a little girl who has recently decided that her new wake up time is approximately 5:45 instead of 7:00...

So, be a pal and don't judge too harshly on my total willingness to let her watch a couple Mickey episodes while I doze, m'kay?

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  1. Dinsey Jr. on the iPad is the BEST in the morning when I'm trying to hurry and get ready for the day. No judgments here! :)