Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Naptime Miracles

Just now, like three minutes ago, Evelyn padded her still-in-pajamas self into our room and asked where the baby was...

"Baby?" She sang, as she lifted her little hands up into the air - how she asks "where is ____ ?"

I told her that he was napping and lifted her to see inside the bassinet where her brother was blissfully asleep and snuggled up.

"Do you want to take a nap too?" I asked, while inwardly rolling my eyes. Girlfriend straight up refused to nap yesterday,

She looked at me, and nodded her head up and down in her new "solemn faced vow" nod, reached toward the floor, and as I put her down, she strides purposefully toward her room. As I followed I watched her pick up her bear, crawl up into bed and lay down. Where she has stayed. And is blissfully asleep herself.

Here I sit, I shock and having to tell someone.

Thanks for listening.

I think I will go enjoy a cup of something warm and snuggle up myself. Maybe with a book.

You know, after the laundry gets going and such.

Evelyn Rae is 19 months old, Liam is 3 weeks old

...and that girl still surprises me.

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