Monday, March 4, 2013

Back to Life...

...back to reality...

{Get that song out of your head now, I dare you. SONG BOMBED!}

Where was I?

Welp, here we are. Today is our first "official" day in this new and crazy life with two. Husband has been back to work for a week now, but my parents were here over the last week to help out.

They left today, along with my sister who was here for another weekend.

The kiddos got crazy spoiled with tons of hugs and snuggles and playing over the last week.

Liam was Grandpa's little reading buddy this week. 

The kiddos had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa. As did I.

As usual, my parents were such a tremendous help this week - from defrosting my freezer, cooking dinner and painting my new closet to reorganizing and rearranging furniture, fixing my ceiling fan and the pesky kitchen drawer that I hate with my whole heart and soul. 

{We were super busy! But maybe I will get some blogging done this week without all the motivation from my mom to do these little projects - ha!}

Seriously. We can never thank you guys enough. 

So, here we go! Onto this new reality.

Evelyn Rae is 19 months old, Liam is 3 weeks old

...and Evelyn protested Grandma and Grandpa's departure this morning by trying to sabotage their luggage while no one was looking.

Who me?

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