Monday, February 4, 2013

Sick Girl

Last night, just like everyone else, we were watching the Suoer Bowl. Surprise right?

And, I started feeling something.

I started feeling contractions.

Real ones. They were coming every eight minutes or so and though I was starting to get excited, but not too excited, since this happened with Ev a few times before I went into actual labor. I started having some additional signs that my body was clearing itself for delivery, and I started taking tht we might just be headed somewhere.

I decided to jump in the shower, and then head to bed to get my rest. I definitely hadn't been getting enough of that lately, so if this was it, I knew I was going to need my rest.

Then, at 3:30, I woke up and threw up all over the place. Again, signs pointed toward what I had experienced when in labor before! Huzzah! I was still having contractions, and was uncomfortable enough that I was tossing and turning and couldn't really get comfortable.

W got up this morning and the contractions were still there! And then, then, they just stopped. I felt so tired and exhausted still, and the baby was moving around consistently, so I wasn't worried, just disappointed. The hubs had already called into work as both if us were pretty positive this was going somewhere.

I still felt strangely fatigued, and not really energetic like I had when I went into labor with Ev. Hmm.

Then, I wasn't hungry. Or thirsty. I just wanted to go back to bed. So I did. Contractions intermittently. Hmm.

I got up and had some peanut butter toast. I felt ok. And then, no contractions. Hmm.

Then, I threw up AGAIN, everything I had had fluid wise, adm the toast. This was no good. When the contractions didn't resume and I was still sleepy I started suspecting I may be experiencing something else.

I was also super concerned about dehydration. So, I called into the office. I was the fifth person who had called in with similar symptoms today. Ugh. It was the norovirus. Or rather IS the norovirus.

I am just a day into 39 weeks so I am not so worried about going into labor, in fact, I am really glad that all the puking and, erm, other stuff, didn't throw me into active labor, because I wouldn't have thought twice about those symotoms being part of labor. Could you imagine if I passed this nastiness onto a newborn baby? I would be crushed.

No fever, just an overwhelmingly huge feeling of blech.

Thankfully, my baby and body seemed to know that it wasn't quite time.

Hopefully I will come through this nice and quickly and we can get back to the healthy and happy process of bringing this baby into the world!

Until then, I'm headed to bed.

Evelyn Rae is 18 months old, I am 39 weeks along with bump

...and I really hope Ev doesn't catch this nastiness.

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