Monday, February 18, 2013

Upcoming Posts

Happy Monday!

I know that everyone seems to be super duper excited for Birth Story posts - Yay! So am I!! - and I promise, I have already started writing it.

But, I have made a bit of a promise to myself as well.

Before I can post Liam's Birth Story, I have a few loose ends to tie up. So, upcoming posts that will come first:

  • 38 & 39 week posts
  • 40 week post (featuring my baby boy!)
  • Evelyn's 12 month/1 year letter & photos
  • Evelyn's 18 month letter & photos
So, yeah. I promise it is coming just as soon as possible though!




How about a preview of Liam's Birth Photos to tide you over?

I haven't gotten all (700!!!) of the photos from my Sister in Law yet, but I do have a few... is one of my faves.

Evelyn Rae is nineteen months old, Liam is one week old

...and thanks to Daddy being home with us, I may actually be able to knock out all these posts!

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