Friday, February 15, 2013

40 weeks!

So, technically I never made it to 40 weeks this time, as Little Man arrived a whole day before his due date (!!) But, I couldn't let the postpartum post tradition die! We snapped these on Valentine's - hence the red pants.

Yay! Not stretched at all anymore - huzzah! I got away with way less stretching and stretch marks this go 'round. I definitely have less "jelly belly" so far than I remember with Ev - we shall see if my skin goes back at the same rate as uterus shrinkage. That would be cool.

Overall I gained way less weight than I did with Evelyn, though little Liam came out almost two whole ounces bigger than his sister. Perchance it was the fact that it was winter? Cold = less swelling? I mean it was July and approximately 1,000 degrees every day when I gave birth the first go round. Who knows. Glad to have less to lose, though ;)

OMG FOOD. I love you again, hallelujah!

Sore, achy...for a while I couldn't really tell where the sickness ended and pregnancy began. But then, miraculously on Wednesday I felt like a champion again. So, feeling good.

Um, oh yeah. Newborns eat. Often. So, no solid stretches of sleep for a while, but holy hell am I more comfortable. You know, until my boobies wake me up because they are about to explode. 


Fetal Movement
Hahahaha. Nope, none of that anymore!

The Girls

New this time around
Newborn and toddler. Wowza. The hardest thing so far is the fact that I can't pick Evelyn up. My poor buddy doesn't quite understand it, but I am trying to spend time down on the floor so that we can still snuggle.

Oh yeah, this again.
AWKWARD POST PARTUM COMMENTS FROM STRANGERS. Geeze Louise. We took the kiddos out for a bit of a Valentine's Date on V-Day, just to get out of the house for a bit, and as we were about to cross the road, with Evelyn in her Daddy's arms and Liam in his carseat in Daddy's other hand this man walks by and says, "Wow! Hands full already and you'll have THREE next year? Good luck!"


I mean, seriously? I just gave birth 5 days ago dude. Of course I still look PREGNANT. Ugh.

At least he thought I looked early enough pregnant to have another baby "next year"?

I win at awkward post-partum comments.

Mental State
I am feeling really good. I have had a few hormonal moments of tears feeling like they are coming for no reason, but only like two. I sort of expected this as I was so much more emotional during this pregnancy than I was when pregnant with Ev. Other than those little moments I am feeling really great recovery wise, and because of that it is HARD to take it easy. But, I am trying.

40 weeks, last go round.

Evelyn Rae is 19 months old, Liam is not quite a week old

...and yes, my daughter is clutching a bottle of Children's Pain Relief and syringe in that first photo...due to her bottom canine teeth coming in (as evidenced by her whole hand in her mouth in the other photos).

Teething toddler + brand new baby in the same week? WHY NOT? Bring it on, Mommyhood.

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