Friday, February 8, 2013

39 weeks

*Post Edit - 
I am super glad that I got these photos accomplished! Since I was so sick earlier in the week, I managed to get them in on Friday...and went into labor the next morning. Eek! Cutting it close!*

Better this week, though seriously dry thanks to the amount of dehydration I had early in the week. Thanks Norovirus! Moisturizing and drinking water like it is MY JOB Y'ALL. You know, now that I can keep it down.

...annnnnnd I lost the 10 pounds I gained as of last week's appointment. Turns out puking your guts out for two days and not being able to stomach anything but the occasional glass of water keeps you from retaining it! Ha. But seriously, back down to where I was at 37 weeks before the random week of swelling, so...yay?

Um, well, not to beat a dead horse here, but yeah. No food this week. Also, puking up sushi? Not recommended. (Too much? Too bad. Brutally honest Friday right here folks.)

Sore, achy...for a while I couldn't really tell where the sickness ended and pregnancy began. But then, miraculously on Wednesday I felt like a champion again. So, feeling good.

Hahahahaha, I think I slept more this week than the last few weeks of pregnancy combined. Two or three days in bed drifting in and out of consciousness will leave you...well, bored for one thing...but seriously well rested.

Yeah. Still there, though there was no food in my stomach. AWESOME.

Fetal Movement
Definitely still moving and grooving all around. I was a bit paranoid about insuring that baby was still moving regularly this week as I was worried about dehydration and affects on Bump, but little thing doesn't seem to be affected at all by Momma's misery. Heartbeat and everything was right on track at my appointment on Wednesday, so we are both feeling good!

The Girls

New this time around
HA! Pregnancy sickness?! Last time I had a cold and was whiny and complaint miserable. This time?! Much worse. Apparently I am the worst about "weak" sicknesses. Plus, toddler to take care of? So thankfully hubby got to stay home for three days this week.

Oh yeah, this again.
Starting to wonder when this baby is coming...and people are starting to ask again. As if I know anything about this y'all. My last one stayed in there until she was less than 24 hours from being served her eviction notice via induction.

Mental State
OMG. So much to do. Today has been a blur of running errands - grocery shopping, last minute tying up, vacuuming every surface in my house. You know, BURST of energy and MUST GET THINGS DONE NOW nesting type stuff. Let's do this thing!

Evelyn Rae is 18 months old, I am 39 weeks along with Bump

...and could she be LESS interested in being in this week's photos? Someone loves when Aunt Ashley comes to town and brings her iPhone.

...also, outtakes below.

You want your phone back?

Alright, I guess it is yours...

Hahahaha, I'm not giving this back to you!

Boom. I might as well be 15.

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