Friday, October 22, 2010

A different answer.

Well folks, this morning I took a test...

and it was positive!

I am a little in shock. I guess my instincts a few days ago about not being pregnant were a bit off. I haven't told anyone yet, not even the husband. Ack! So excited!

This morning, I don't know, I just felt like maybe I should just go ahead and do it - take the test. I have been crampy for the last few days, and even though I kept expecting my period, it just never came. Fertility friend "suggested" I take a test two days ago and I hadn't.

I figured it would be no big deal, so I got up this morning and let the dog out. I headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower to warm the water while I rummaged for one of the pregnancy tests I bought in bulk when they were on sale at the commissary. I took the test, got up to grab a towel and glanced back. The directions said 3 minutes. Within 10 seconds there were two pink lines. Clear as day.

I leaned forward to the windowsill, and blinked. Rubbed my eyes (since I am irresponsible and sleep with my contacts in pretty often) and looked again. There they were. Two pink lines. I stood up straight immediately and gasped. "Could it be this easy?" I thought. Apparently.

I am trying not to count my chickens, as they say. I have known too many friends who have gone through rough early pregnancy complications...but right now I am just feeling so, so blessed and thankful.

Sunday is the husband and I's 10 year date-iversary. I think I will surprise him with the news then.

If I can keep it in.

16 DPO (Days Past Ovulation)

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  1. You are better than me, I bought them one box at a time and started taking them too early because I was so anxious I thought I would puke! This meant many a trip to Target for nothing more than that little pink box (always hiding it, I know too many people in this town and you'll always run into them when buying something awkward at Target!). I never had a blaring positive result from the First Response one like that, it was always a line so faint we thought we were imagining it because we wanted to see it kind of thing. (I even resorting to sending Megan cell phone pictures of the test results!) She told me I was pregnant but we didn't REALLY believe it for a few days when we finally broke down and bought one of the stupid overpriced digital tests that I made fun of all the time. We went home and checked the results together. I always made Jim look at the stick with me because I was so anxious I couldn't do it alone, which meant I woke him up at 6 am often to look at my first-pee-of-the-day results...poor guy wasn't even awake yet and I would be holding a stick wrapped in tissue in front of his face saying "Oh god let's look!" When we finally took the digital test we high fived finally knowing the awesome truth!