Monday, October 25, 2010

In the loop

So, I told the hubs last night! He is so excited!

I took him dinner on the barge, and while we were eating a friend came by...and continued to sit and chat with us for the next 2 hours. He was such a nice guy, and H had no idea that I had anything of importance to tell him in we sat, and chatted. Finally, when I got the chance I took out his "anniversary present". He was so mad at me, since he didn't have the time to get me anything, that he almost didn't open it. He felt awful.

But, I insisted. And I kept saying "I only spent $5". Which is true. Earlier in the day I went out and bought something that only cost about $5. I have video of him opening it that I will try and post, but for the imagination, it is the tiniest little onesie in the NWU camo pattern, with a little Navy emblem on the chest.

He opened it and looked at me, with a questioning glance (this is where the video cuts off...I need to investigate the issue on our camera) and then breaks into a HUGE grin and starts repeating, "are you serious????"

He came over and gave me the biggest hug, while I just giggled and laughed and smiled and all together felt crazy and unsure of myself. And then, then he slowed down and looked at me and said, "I love you so much, and I am so happy."

And with that, my heart melted and I no longer felt so unsure.

18 DPO