Thursday, December 9, 2010

11 weeks

Today marks the 11 week, erm, mark!

Sorry, pregnancy brain has spread to my vocabulary.

Let's see...I am feeling ok. I am starting to be a little more uncomfortable when I sleep, and have found that I am sleeping much lighter than normal. (normal for me = I could sleep through a fire alarm, so this may be a good thing)

I am definitely getting bigger in the tummy. My rubber band trick is no longer working without making me super uncomfortable by the end of the day, so I am relying mainly on my belly bands (from various places) to keep my work wardrobe functional.

My nausea has sort of settled in to mainly the nights and a little in the morning. Randomly food still grosses me out, but not as much as it did. Mostly I just still crave tortilla chips.

The biggest thing is that I am starting to get really, really excited. I think this whole journey will take on a whole new level once everyone knows, and we are SO CLOSE.

Sometimes I really wonder how we thought we could keep it from our parents this long, but in a way, I am really glad that we have. Christmas will be unforgettable and getting to tell my parents in person is really important to me.

I think that friends that see me often a pretty suspicious, especially some of the husbands work friends' wives. They are totally used to me gulping down sipping a glass of Pinot like a lady, and I am pretty sure I saw them exchange winks the other night when I ordered water.

Thankfully the hiding is almost over, and one weel until our next ultrasound! So exciting.

11 weeks along

...and I am ready for the world to know I am not just fat.

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