Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's a good thing that we are telling everyone now and didn't wait! I am starting to pop out and look pregnant instead of just chubby - which is exciting.

How could I have forgotten? I got my hair done! It is a little darker than I have had it in recent years, but closer to my natural color (haha, as if anyone knows what that is) so my roots shouldn't show as much, and I should only need one other hair appointment before Baby G is born. Crossing my fingers.

In other news, the nausea continues...so far. Here's to hoping that it will die down soon. PLEASE, please, please die down soon. I want to feel normal again! Also, I am pretty sure I am going to have to give in and bump up a bra size here shortly. Oy vey.

We head home tonight, and then it will be time to tell our friends and make the big announcement on the "Book of Faces."

Exciting times friends, exciting times.

13 weeks, 5 days along

...and I am so excited to head home and celebrate the new year with all my friends, my hubby, my puppy and my baby in utero.

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