Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spreading the News

Well, we have told almost all of the family.

I am so excited to be telling everyone, and once Christmas Eve comes along, the whole family will know. The we can start telling friends with our super awesome Christmas cards!

All of the family is so excited, and have all been so supportive, loving and just all around awesome. We knew they would be and all, but it is so amazing to have it in person and really feel the love.

Yay! This is getting so exciting!

12 weeks, 5 days along

...and I am so excited to be home for Christmas.


  1. We were insanely nervous to tell our parents! There is something weird about it...you spend all your life trying to NOT get pregnant or let your parents know you have sex, then one day you do the opposite, get pregnant and tell your family. When we were waiting for my parents to come over we were SOOO scared, like on the edge of our seats tapping our feet scared, like we were going to get in trouble or something! Weirdest thing ever. They obviously had the same reaction as your family has had, and we knew they would, but we were still horrified to tell!

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