Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Sacrifice

Today we made our first "event" sacrifice in order to make a good parenting decision. You see, we haven't really sacrificed going anywhere or doing anything yet because of Evelyn. She has been to the movies, shopping, on the road, all sorts of restaurants, barbecues and parties. We just strap her onto one of us and roll with it.

My SIL even complemented our "Bohemian" attitude regarding parenthood (the first time ever I have been referred to as Bohemian, in case you were wondering) because we have just rolled with the punches. Our thought? Life doesn't stop, and kids make most things better. ::Shrug::

But, today, we skipped our alma mater's football game because it was rainy.

We were all ready and amped to bring Evelyn to her first game, the Ergo was ready, she even has a super cute little outfit...but, today dawned and it was a rainy mess.

Had it just been the two of us, we would have definitely been standing there in the stands in the rain, galoshes and ponchos on, water streaming down our faces, miserable and happy in the same breath. But, now we had another person to consider. A little human, whose health and well being is in a large part dependent on our decision making.

For a while we teetered back and forth -

"Do we go?"
"We could just put her and the Ergo under a poncho...that would be ok, right?"
"Yes, putting a plastic bag over our baby sounds like a grand plan..."
"We can't risk a sick baby for a football game...can we?"
"Maybe it will stop?"
"I hope it stops."

But, it didn't stop. And ultimately, our good sense triumphed and we just skipped it. We headed to an indoor "tailgate" with some friends, and then home to cuddle on the couch instead.

All in all, not a bad Saturday after all. And not so much of a sacrifice.

Evelyn Rae is two months old

...and we will make it to the next one. <3

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