Friday, September 9, 2011

Sip and See

Last weekend we finally got to have our Sip and See! It was originally scheduled for the week before, but this mean ol' B Irene came to town and ruined it.

I was able to slip the invite for the Sip and See onto the back of our birth announcements...

Wait, what? I never showed you all the birth announcements that I made? Whoops. Bad Blogger.

Here they are!

Anywho, the original invitation for the Sip and See was slipped onto the back of those babies so that I was only doing one mailing! I debated if it was tacky to do that, or genius, and I decided it saved a new mom time and money. So...genius.

It was always going to be a sort of casual gathering, I wanted it to be open house style, but after the party got pushed back I figured even more casual was key. I whipped up a few things that had held over in the fridge from my original grocery shopping {we were lucky enough to not lose power for longer than an hour so our food was saved!} and called it a day.

I grabbed some flowers from the market and hung up all the beautiful cards that people had sent Miss Evelyn. Food? Check. Decor? Check.

We were so happy to see that a good portion of our family and friends were able to swing on through, even though it was Labor Day weekend and everyone was super booked!

Evelyn Rae is 8 weeks and 4 days old

...and she really enjoyed her first party! When she was awake that is...

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