Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Months

Evelyn Rae,

As I write this, you are laying here next to me taking a little nap - as a two month old. I can hardly believe that it has already been two whole months since you came along as you, little Evelyn, rather than this concept of a child that your daddy and I had thought about for nine (almost ten) months. You have established your own place in the life of this family so naturally I can't really remember what life was like without you in it.

You have grown so much this month and really look like a baby more so than a newborn. Just the other day I was holding you while nursing and thought, "My baby is getting heavy!" You are scooting right through the clothes that were gifted to you as you stretch longer and longer. We have also started you in cloth diapers this month, so they take up a little more room in your clothes as well. By the way, you love the cloth diapers, and so do Daddy and I.

You are feeding like a champion, and although we have always been pretty darn good at nursing (high five) we have really found our groove now. We aren't so much on a schedule as now I understand what your cues are that mean you are hungry. We have fed you from a bottle a few times now too from milk that I have pumped. Much like your parents and other relatives - you are an eater, that's for sure. You go from boob to bottle with no fuss, and you even drink milk from the bottle cold! All of your grandmothers are ready to cook for you and feed you for the rest of your life, so they all love this fact.

Our house definitely looks like a baby lives here now. As you have become more aware of your surroundings you love being on your activity mat watching your mobile or the flashing lights, and you love anything that helps you sit up and look at the world. No lying down for you! Your favorite place to perch though is on our laps. You have begun really moving around and your daddy's favorite nickname for you is "Squirms".

I thought you were chatting a lot last month, but I knew nothing! You are really making us giggle with all your chattering as of late. It almost seems like you are answering us in conversation. Pretty hilarious. Plus, we then catch ourselves mimicking the sounds you are making which is double hilarious.

We love to cuddle you and you love to be cuddled, unless you want to be left alone. There isn't really an in between with you at the moment. You either want to be cuddled or be on your own, not touched by anyone. Both of which are totally fine by me, because I like thinking of you as my little independent and sassy soul, who also likes to be loved on from time to time.

You are sleeping through the night pretty much, well until 5:30 or so, which is through the night for a two month old. And then you take a really good long nap in the morning, so you are usually ready to be up for the day around 9 or so. Pretty soon we will be trying to get you on a schedule, but for now Momma is totally fine letting you hang out and do your thing on your own time.

Happy two months! I love you ladybug!


Evelyn Rae is two months and two days old

...and I am in love with the fact that I get to spend all day with my girl. Just thought you should know.

...also this was one of the first photos I tried to take this month. Do you think they like each other?

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  1. She's beautiful!!!! I really like the idea of using the calender page to mark each month! Very clever! :)