Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Though I know that there is so.much.more adjusting to come with this little kicking and rolling and playing baby that is still happily contained in utero - I have to share something that has been so hard for us (read: me) to adjust to...

One a day naps.

Oh, friends. I thought these days would be glorious. So much time to get things done. Only one nap a day? We could be out and about so much more and life would be flexible, and oh the champagne dreams I once had.

Turns out, I have had a much rougher time adjusting to our new schedule than my precious daughter. She is totally fine with the one nap a day (most days, minus these last few days of teething, blah blah, molars suck, blah.), but Momma? Momma just cannot get it together to get out of the house at a reasonable time in the morning to get everything I need to done and then get back to get baby girl in her crib on time for a nap.

I hate, hate, hate, letting her start her nap in the car and it has been happening SO MUCH lately.

Back when girl was on two naps a day, I used that morning time to get ready and organized. When she woke up, it was go time and we were out the door in no time flat. All my stuff was ready and raring to go, just waiting on the last piece - an awake baby. So, we could get out the door and get to where we needed to go and get back in time for an afternoon nap.

Getting ready in the morning with an awake, monkey like climbing, curious about everything, experiencing one year old separation anxiety (WHY ARE YOU IN THE BATHROOM MOMMA, I WANT TO BE WITH YOU....) running around toddler is not.easy.

Why did I think it would be? I don't know. To be honest, I don't think I really ever did think about it.

I never thought about how challenging it would be to wash my face and put on make up whilst pulling a child from flushing the toilet for the umpteenth time because clearly that is the most fun game ever invented, or trying to climb into the tub, or trying to throw her toothbrush in the toilet, or banging incessantly on the outside of the bathroom door should you DARE to put her outside of it. MOMMA, you made an UH OH. I AM ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE DOOR!

(Mostly Evelyn only operates in capital letters.)

So the last few months have been...challenging.

Getting ready and out the door, and then the errands themselves have inevitably taken me longer than I thought, and then I end up with a cranky baby who wants her nap, and who wants a cranky baby out in public? NO ONE. Including me, alright old lady side eyeing me in the next checkout line? I know the girl is about to have a melt down, but I NEEDZ MAH GROCERIES.


In any case. We have now adjusted. The last two weeks, even with those damn molars, have been better. Maybe my expectations and goal setting has become more attainable and realistic each day.


(These are SMART goal terms - also, the SMART acronym can be described in a manner of ways, look it up if interested, etc... See? grad school education is applicable in EVERYDAY LIFE.) 

Thank you grad school. 

This was undoubtedly one of those mountain kurt of a molehill situations that just went against my whole nature of operating until this point. But, we are better now, and ready for the next challenge.

Just let me feel like I have my life together for a little while first, ok universe?

Evelyn Rae is fifteen months old, I am 26 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and Baby Bump is now called bump because that is all this little thing does - bump me from the inside. Holy active child.


  1. When my second child when from two naps to one, I also made the HUGE adjustment of actually waking up before my kids to get my exercising and showering done. Then after breakfast I get the kids dressed and we can typically be out the door by 10 or 10:30. But then there's also the big adjustment of trying to go to bed at a decent hour so I'm not dragging and exhausted all day. But since you're growing a baby, you probably feel that way all the time. Good luck with everything! :)

  2. Just wait until you have two kids... You will never be on time EVER! It is impossible to get out of the house, especially in the beginning. I think it took us 3 hours in the beginning... Between nursing Blake and Blair, who takes FOR.EV.ER to do anything... HA! Good luck friend!!!!!!!