Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday: A Day in the 'Peake

Back in August, thanks to my friend Jessica, I was reminded about a few things that our old town of Chesapeake had to offer for a fun family day.

For example, I was reminded just how good Mr. Jim's sandwiches are. And then I reminded my husband. And then a few days later, in early September, we found ourselves spending a day in the 'Peake.

At Mr. Jim's.


Surprisingly they also don't have high chairs or booster seats at Mr. Jim's, 
so Ev got her first taste of booth sitting.

After we enjoyed our yummy sandwiches, we headed out to Bergey's Breadbasket. This place was the absolute star of drives from Great Bridge to the beach and back during the summers in high school. The ice cream? TO DIE FOR.

But we will get to that a little later.

First, we went to see the animals.

Ooooh, Daddy! Look! Over there! 

Excuse the gratuitous walking photos...Evelyn had JUST started choosing to walk over crawl. And, being the parents we are, we were naturally tickled.

See? Look how tickled that Daddy is. 

Onto the main event.

Ice Cream.


More please.

Yup. That's the stuff.

Then we just lingered a bit to enjoy the nice day.

All in all, a great day in the 'Peake.

Evelyn Rae is now 16 months old, I am 29 weeks along with Bump

...and these photos make me a little sad. Those shoes! That outfit! Neither fit her anymore. Thank goodness for the photos.

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