Thursday, November 29, 2012

29 weeks

Ok. Legs are still SUPER sensitive. Really any areas that I am shaving. Right. Moving on. I found this post from Pioneer Woman about something similar so...I will try it and see if it works.

You know, GAINING WEIGHT. As you are supposed to, BLAH BLAH. BUT, I passed my glucose test! Yay! So glad I don't have to do the three hour one.

Eh. Food. I am starting to feel so freaking full by the end of the day that I just don't even want to think about food, or cooking dinner, or eating it. BLECH, food.

Definitely experiencing some RLS and twinges here and there.

Sleeping just doesn't feel like it the nest day, I am starting to be so, so tired again. BOO exhaustion! I have too much to do and you are making me even more emotional.

Ugh, annoying. I have begun propping myself up a bit more at night to keep the reflux at bay. Have sat up a few times in the middle of the night because I feel like I am about to puke. Just reflux. No bigs. WHOMPS.

Fetal Movement
LOTS of movement which is making the reflux worse, but I forgive you little baby, because I am just so tickled to see you kick me so hard! Evelyn has seen my belly move like that a few times, since she is super obsessed with my popped out belly button, and always looks at me like "WTH."

The Girls
Meh, same. I think I am maybe starting to produce a little colostrum again though.

New this time around
MY BELLY BUTTON POPPED. It has been this way fro a bit, but I seriously thought it was just because the baby was facing one way or something...nope, officially popped. It never did this with Ev, so I find it adorable and new. Plus, Evelyn loves it. And then loves to raise her shirt and play with her own belly button.

Oh yeah, this again.
Heartburn, emotions. WHOMP WHOMP.

Mental State
I have had a rough week friends. I will probably blog about it more (UPDATE: I did. Here.) but the emotions have been rough with this pregnancy. Working through it. Ugh, tears and such.

29 weeks, last go round

Evelyn Rae is 16 months old, I am 29 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and hey! Look! Christmas decorations! (Don't mind that the tree has no ornaments yet...)

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