Monday, June 10, 2013

Four Months

My dearest Little Man,

Happy June and summer my little winter baby! As we enter this, my most favorite and wonderful of seasons, I hope beyond all belief that you are a happy summer baby like your sister and I. I plan on taking advantage of the weather when we can and enjoying all that the season has to offer before we get shut back up in the house again come fall and next winter.

You, my son are becoming the most curious and observant little baby. You have to check everything out that is in front of you, or to the side of you, or behind you. Or pretty much everything within immediate reach. You have become quite the little roller lately, so even though you tend to get frustrated at your inability to move toward things (especially since your sister tends to swoop in and grab whatever it is you want) you have started rolling over like you know that this will somehow help. 

This observation has also greatly increased your tolerance for the dreaded tummy time. Usually you can be distracted with a few things in front of you from the fact that you are indeed, on your tummy. Then as soon as you realize it though, it's over with a quick roll to your back. You even rolled back to front just the other day for the first time after weeks of trying. Huzzah!

You are definitely still my snuggle bug. I have an insane amount of photos of you napping in my arms this month, as I look back through them. Certainly more than I ever had of your sister at this age. You love to nurse for long lengthy periods and then just snuggle in and sleep peacefully against me. You also really like sleeping in your Boppy on the couch or floor - shhh! dont tell anyone because it very clearly states NO SLEEPING on it - but you like being pretty much anywhere close to the action. You have napped in your crib a bit, but you seem to nap longer around people.

You are still sleeping in Mom and Dad's room. You are going through some serious growing and still wake up to nurse once or twice in the night. We will tackle that bridge when we get back from Wisconsin next month, I think. We'll see how it goes, because you certainly like being close to Mom, and you do not like it when we alter from that course.

You are the reddest little baby when you get your little spats of unhappiness. I say "spats" because they are never for very long, but man, oh man, do you take them seriously. You are usually over them pretty quickly, but your whole face flushes and then you retain all your red accents for like a half an hour later. It is so funny to me that your physical look of being upset lingers for so much more than your actual feelings of being upset. You are almost like a little thermometer that I can see getting more and more red and then cooling back down.

You continue to be a mostly happy baby, however, even though you are dealing with the discomfort of reflux. You poor baby, I certainly didn't like dealing with it either time I was pregnant so I can't really imagine dealing with it not even knowing what is happening. Your doc and I discussed it and since you seem to be a mostly "happy" spitter upper, we are holding off on the medication in hopes that this will all resolve soon. I know you probably hope so too, even though you don't know it, sweet boy.

 You continue to chit chat with me and are working really hard already on sitting up as well. I am so proud of how big and strong you are getting, but I also want to just push a pause button on time every so often. I fear you dont get as much time to practice all this physical stuff as your sister did - mainly because she is still so young and though she is mostly gentle with you, sometimes she sill doesn't quite "get" how fragile you still are.

You are definitely trying to scootch on your tummy time which I need you to just slow down on a little bit. I can't really imagine life with TWO mobile kids, yet I am still so proud of you every time you put forth your considerable effort to be a big kid like your sister. You started in the bouncer this month, as we put away the bouncy seat and are about to put away the swing. You are much to interactive now to be excited about being passive in any of your hang out places. So far, you pretty much love it and I have a sneaking suspicion that it has more to do with being eye level to interact with a certain big sister than anything else.

You are becoming the most affectionate little thing, cooing so hard at us and trying to give us big open mouth, sloppy kisses. You love burrowing into someone's arms, finding your perfect little spot and staying there absolutely content until you slip right into a peaceful nap. You reward us with the most wide open eyes and smiles when you wake up in our arms, as well.

You pretty much melt my heart every day, you little flirt.

I love you so much I can barely stand it.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is 22 months old, Liam is four months old

...and I'm gonna go get some big sloppy kisses from both my kids


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