Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heart Explosions

Yesterday, I posted a photo with the caption "That? Just the sound of my heart exploding." to Instagram and Facebook.

And... it continues to do so as I look at these few photos that I snapped.

We were picking up Evelyn's room, and I took advantage of Evelyn's bed to give Liam some entertainment (watching us clean) for his tummy time.

After a few minutes he let out a less than happy squawk, and before I could respond, his big sister did. She climbed right up onto that bed to keep him company.

As Liam evolves more and more from the baby "blob" stage and is becoming more interactive, I have absolutely love seeing the relationship between these two develop.

I knew that I was giving Evelyn a brother, of course, but it just recently started becoming real to me that these two would have what I have been so blessed to have in my own siblings. Someone to play with, someone to fight with (of course), someone to band together to make fun of me and my "phone laugh" with, and someone to experience all of this crazy life with - as a friend and peer.

The love, connection and companionship between siblings is so special, and I cannot accurately describe what it is like to witness this relationship in your own children.

Heart explosions just about cover it.

Evelyn Rae is 22 months old, Liam is almost 4 months old

...and these two. It is just so, so much.


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