Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As far back as when we were doing stroller research, we knew baby wearing would be a good part of our parenting routine. In fact we were pretty stoked about it. We registered for two baby-wearing tools (best word I can think of...) right off the bat.

The Moby Wrap, which is possibly one of the best known baby-wearing tools? Or at least it was to me...

Quite a few people make these same sorts of wraps themselves, seeing as it is just one long piece of fabric, but by the time it got around to purchasing it during my pregnancy I was more than willing to shell out the $30 ish dollars for it and not have to make anything else myself.

The second tool, we were gifted by some lovely friends. The Ergo Carrier. Along with the Heart2Heart Insert.

I would say this is also quite possibly one of the best known baby wearers. The insert makes it usable for smaller babies than would normally be able to use it. 

Ev loves both of these off and on, depending on her mood. Her interest and happiness has not been our biggest hiccup so far. The biggest hitch with baby wearing for us so far has been the heat. Between the fact that babies run like radiators strapped to you, and that when you are producing boobie milk you run at higher temps than normal...and the ridiculous climate heat since Evelyn arrived, it makes for one sweaty momma. (And as you could guess, sweaty is not my look.) Besides the fact that baby wearing on your chest and reaching down into a grocery cart to lift out a watermelon necessitates some, finesse, as it were.

Recently, though, we have begun getting fall temperatures! Yay! So, we have been baby wearing a whole lot more. 

A really enjoys the Ergo, though this weekend at the mountains he did also strap in with the Moby Wrap. What a good daddy :)

For ease of use around the house, I have been thinking about expanding our baby wearing inventory with a good ring sling. But, which one?! There are so many options...

I am thinking about the Maya Wrap...

It has great reviews online and from some other bloggers that I follow. (Seriously, what did people do before blogs?)

There are a few others that are basically the same design. Decisions, decisions. Some of them come in FABULOUS fabrics, but are ridiculously expensive. Do I really need a dupioni silk sling? Probably much as I would like one. 

Should anyone out there in blog land have any suggestions on a ring sling, or any other baby wearing ideas I haven't considered, feel free to shout it on out.

Evelyn Rae is three months old

...and thank goodness it has cooled down so I can strap that baby to my chest and head out on some walks in our pretty neighborhood!

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  1. i have a ring sling!!! and a becco gemini... i dont really think you will be able to do more with the ring sling than you can already do with the moby and ergo. i have a maya that i got off amazon for $40 very slightly used.

    ~christie t