Friday, October 21, 2011


I have a small rant regarding post-partum body issues.

Le sigh.

Women's clothing sizes are nutso.

I have had quite a few "events" lately to shop for, which has me just about over shopping. It's not nearly as much fun to go shopping "for" something as it is to just go shopping and find things you love naturally.

The latest event I was shopping for was Evelyn's baptism (coming up this Sunday, btw.) 

{Aside: Why am I shopping for these events? Because nothing in my closet fits. Whomps. Getting closer for sure, but remember that whole breasts filled with nutrient-rich food for my baby thing? Yeah, doesn't work so well with my old B cup wardrobe. Also, never really had to worry about easy access to those breasts before.}

Anywho, as I was shopping, I grabbed approximately twelve dresses to bring to the fitting room. Most from the same designer. I began trying them on, and was immediately PUMPED when one of the dresses fit in a size small. It looked awesome, but was a bit too short for standing up in front of everyone at church. And too expensive to buy just because I wanted it. Whomps.

So, I reached for a different dress, slightly longer. I figured I would have no problem sliding on the size 6, as the small from the same designer had just fit me. Wrong. It was tight, in all the wrong places. The 8 fit just fine, but there was a size 10 that was on sale in a different (better) color, and the 8 was not. I tried for the heck of it, and the 10 didn't look bad. Grr. 

{I did feel a bit better when I asked the sales lady if she could bring me that 10 on sale and she said, "The ten?! But you are so tiny!"...Yes, I am aware they get paid to sell things. I used to be one of them. Who cares? Made me feel good.}

In another designer, I couldn't even pull a medium over my chest. What the heck. 

All this is to say, sizing is crazy. I feel pretty good about my body progress on most days, but these sizes would drive anyone insane. I have always been a huge proponent of the idea to "go with what fits, and don't worry about the size", but that's when I was in the 4, 6, and occasional 8 size range. Now that I am more in the 8, 10 and occasional 6 range, it was starting to get to me. Until today.

Today I reminded myself that I am right, sizing doesn't matter and on top of that, sizing is crazy. 

And it can't be bad to have a few of those cushion sizes in my closet, right?

You know, for the next time.

And the time after that.

And the...

Evelyn Rae is three months old

...and I did manage to find a super cute dress. In a reasonable size.

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