Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Months

Evelyn Rae,

I can hardly believe that you are three months old. I feel that I will probably say that every time that you hit a milestone, but that is my right as a momma, having pushed you out of my you know what, so you can get used to it now. Moms do it, and I am your mom. I mean, three months old is a clothing size! You are getting so big!

Moving on - this month has been awesome. You have started becoming so much more expressive and opinionated. When you are happy we definitely know it. You are all smiles, with the cutest little dimples. On the other hand, when you are unhappy, well, the whole world knows it.

This has been the month of your first few public meltdowns, which has been for mommy. But, that's all good, because the idea of an opinionated daughter makes me chuckle. Can we say karma? Well, it makes me chuckle until I think of life 15 years down the road. But for right now, your opinions are pretty easy to handle.

You have also become quite the chatterbox this month. Your coos and little almost words are the funniest things. I cannot imagine where this chattiness comes from, but it makes everyone smile. It almost sounds like you are answering in the right inflection for the silly questions we feel the need to ask you.

I don't know exactly how big you are this month because you don't have a doctors appointment until four months. But, I know you have grown. Remember that aforementioned clothing size? You have almost outgrown it! I am grieving slightly about all your cute little summer three months clothes as you grow and the weather becomes colder. This week has been nice and warm still though, hence your summery dress in these photos.

I have a sneaking suspicion that your recent fussiness may also have to do with some teeth coming in soon. It seems really early, but I got my first tooth early, and apparently symptoms can start 1-2 months before your first tooth even appears! You have the whole super drooly, hands in the mouth fussiness going on, so we shall see. (See hands in the mouth photo evidence below)

You have been very squirmy this month, which fits daddy's nickname for you, and his new name fits too - "Spitty Kisses". I have tried to dissuade him from it, but he loves it and so it shall be. I still call you "Ladybug", "Bugs" and "Bugaboo". All very cutesy names that a few months ago I would have sworn up and down I would never use with my future baby, but those dimply smiles pull it right on out of me.

You have started actually liking tummy time this month! Well, by like, I mean not automatically screaming when we put you on your tummy. You push up a little and look around and give us the cutest faces. You have always had really good neck control (people are forever telling me how much older you seem), but you have hated tummy time. Until now! Score.

This month you went to your first wedding (Aunt Haley and Uncle Justin's - by the way, you cried every time a camera turned on you) and also made your first trip to Graves Mountain Lodge. We have been out on a bunch of walks since the weather has at least been a little less {ridiculously} hot. I love that you are starting to interact with everyone, and I secretly love that you love cuddling with me so much in the mornings...even though I am trying to move you into your crib.

I just love having you close to me, Bugs. I know that this time is fleeting, and your little baby grunts and sleeping expressions are my favorite things. You make your daddy and I laugh more than anything else. We love you so much. Happy three months!

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is three months old

...and she really does have her hand in her mouth all the time these days. I have twelve more photos that resemble this one.

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  1. i heart her fluff
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