Friday, November 11, 2011

Four Months

Evelyn Rae,

You are four months old today! It is an especially exciting day because your Daddy is here to celebrate it with us. It is getting harder and harder to get a photo of you because you are moving and shaking like you wouldn't believe. You will be all chill and I think, this is it! A great time for a photo! and then all of a sudden you are off, waving your arms and legs and rolling up on your sides and grabbing for anything in reach to play with and stick in your mouth.

It is the most fun thing to watch you become, well, yourself. Your little (and big) expressions have your dad and I rolling in laughter sometimes - even when they aren't such happy expressions. The unhappy ones are almost funnier than the happy ones.

You are chattering up a storm, and we have full nonsense conversations these days. You chatter at strangers in stores, and then flash them your big gummy smile and they all just melt. As does your mom. Your new tricks include blowing raspberries with the best of them and this new cute thing you are doing where you suck your lips almost all the way into your mouth and raise your eyebrows at us.

Since your last monthly letter you experienced your first Halloween and your Baptism. We had so much fun with friends and family at both events, and you did so well. I am constantly amazed and thankful for your overall happy personality. We love taking you with us everywhere we go, as having you around and close to us rings us so much indescribable joy. I am just so happy being your mommy.

We have been transitioning you to all of your 6 month clothes, because you have such a loooong little body. It's already hard for me to say goodbye to all my favorite outfits that you have been wearing almost since you were born. But, alas, you grow and we pack the old clothes away.

You are definitely getting even droolier these days, and are putting anything you can reach into your mouth to chew and nosh on. You have learned how to grab my hand, and direct one of my fingers right into your mouth so you can mash away at it with your little gums.

Your grabbing and awareness is so amazing to me. Sometimes I forget to check the books and the emails and the lists (mommies have many, many places to look to see their baby's milestones and things) to see what you "should be" doing, but then, when I remember, I am always amazed to see that you are doing everything you should be. You are learning and growing and it is just so cool to witness.

I would be remiss to not note that this day is special because Daddy is home with us, but the reason he gets to be home is because it is Veteran's Day. You will learn more about this as you get a little bit older, but this holiday basically boils down to thanking our military for their service.

You come from a long line of military folks, all of whom felt a desire to serve and to give of themselves. Your dad, both your grandpas, all sorts of great grandpas, and on and on down the line. There are many ways to serve, and your dad and I cannot wait to begin teaching you about the value of service as you get a bit older.

I love you so much my little Ladybug. Now you and your parents are off to have some fun on this pretty day.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is four months old

...and her Daddy picked out this outfit. He calls it her "Minnie Mouse" outfit. Why? I have no idea.

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