Thursday, November 17, 2011

Up and Down

Have you ever had one of those days? Those days that aren't bad, but they aren't good either? Just sort of balanced by up moments following the down?

Here's how my day went on Tuesday...

Up: My CFO (read: husband) authorized the purchase of some new cloth diapers, yay! Loaded the baby in the car and got on the road before 11am. Yay!

Down: Upon arrival at Diaper Junction, I parked, turned off the engine and grabbed the diaper bag. Upon my approach to pull my sleeping baby out of her car seat, I had a vision.

A vision of my wallet still sitting on the dining room table. At home.

Up: Well, at least I didn't wake the baby up yet! and hey! There is a drive through Starbucks on the way home! I can totally grab a drink and make the best of this.

Down: JK. Still no wallet.

Up: Wait a sec! I have the Starbucks App on my phone! I can pay for a drink Technology rocks.

Down: By the time I got back to Diaper Junction, it was after noon. So much for our "early" start.

Up: New cloth diapers! Wee! In fun and exciting colors.

Down: We still have 8 million gajillion errands to run.

Up: The baby now loves being in the Moby Wrap facing out, so errands should be fun! We head to PetSmart and everyone is cooing and waving at the baby who is flirting right back.

Down: Thanks to the pre-errand breastfeeding session in the car, we have a spit up explosion all over the floor in the store. Clean up, aisle 10!

Up: Target is next on the list! Always a positive...

Down: I don't like any of the shower curtains, which is the whole reason I came here. Lame. Now I am stuck deliberating and baby is getting tired and fussy.

Up: I almost have the baby drifting off to sleep. Lately she is fussing right before passing out, so by the tone of the tiny little cry, I know we are allllmooooossssst there.

Down: But then an old lady comes toward us. and starts being all judgy. "I think that baby is hungry."

"Well, she's actually just about to drift off to sleep, so..."

"Oh, look, she is saying 'Mommy you have had me out ALL DAY, and we need to go home so I can sleep and rest.' Poor little thing. "


I mean. Really?

Like I said, not bad, but not good either. Bah.

Evelyn Rae is four months old

...and it's exciting days like this that I know you love reading about.


  1. What I really love reading about is how annoyed you get too about all of the unwanted opinions that people put on you when you have an infant or toddler in your company ;). Don't they remember how annoyed they got during those days!?!?

  2. obnoxious of that Target shopper!! I kinda feel your pain though. Why does having a child suddenly give EVERYONE permission to comment on your life decisions? And WHY do you feel the need, oh random stranger, to tell me your neighbor's sister's friend's birth horror story? Gah, so annoying.

    All that to say, I'm sorry people are rude. I see it too.