Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, a Photo Essay

This title brought to you by the letter "D" - Because it is 1 am and I am Delirious from uploading photos/eating candy.

But first, in order for the Halloween photos to make sense I must take you back to last week when we bought pumpkins...because you wouldn't have understood *where* those carved pumpkins came from without us showing you that we collected them - right? Right. Moving on. PHOTOS!

Daddy picked out the largest pumpkins possible, so he carried them to the car and we took them home to carve.

The pretty eyes on that pumpkin are my baby's little hands!

The "G" pumpkin was so big in fact...

That Evelyn fit IN it!

I couldn't resist.

I love this one, because it looks like she is saying, "Um guys, I dunno if you realized this, but you have left me in a PUMPKIN!"

On actual Halloween, we got the ladybug dressed up in her, well, ladybug costume to hit the streets! Don't worry folks, we turned down all but two pieces of candy, and those were from someone we knew.

This is my $1 costume. Thank you Target.

We went out with some two year old owls, that were just as cute as could be.

The two year olds did great, so did Evelyn, though she passed out after a few blocks...


Happy Halloween!

Evelyn Rae is almost four months old

...and I am wearing pre-pregnancy jeans today. Just thought you should know.


  1. she is adorable and you look fantastic. go mama!

  2. Okay...Dan's Falcon's Jersey does NOT look like an owl costume to me. Just sayin'....