Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Why is it that it seems the only time I can catch up with world goings on is when my precious daughter is asleep?

Trying to remain connected to world current events (so that I don't end up as a SAHM who can only converse in childhood milestones and accomplishments...PS my girl is blowing raspberries all over the place and being ridiculously cute) inevitably happens late at night, when my husband and baby and dog have all drifted off to sleep, and the glow of my smartphone charging next to the bed beckons to me.

There is something about the quiet that comes over the house when everyone else is slumbering away. Something that reverberates to my very core, and says, "It's OK to completely immerse yourself in something now. Everyone is asleep and well. You can hear them all breathing...and a phone only makes a little bit of light. Certainly not enough to disturb anyone. Go ahead, read that article longer than two paragraphs all in one sitting. You deserve it."

I am not going to bed at a reasonable hour, and it's all my smartphone's fault. It's nothing but an enabler these days.

Tonight, I choose sleep over being well informed.

Unless something interesting happens.

Evelyn is 17 weeks old

...and I am my own worst enemy in the quest for sleep. Especially since I am publishing this at 1 in the morning.

On my phone.

I meant *tomorrow* I would choose sleep.

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