Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Steps

Friends, I have fallen out of the blogging habit.

It seems to be going around.

But, I still find myself wanting this outlet. I think to myself, "Man, that will make a great blog post when I can get to my computer later!"

Most days it just seems that I look up and it is 10:30 or so by the time I even get to pull my computer off the new high shelf that is its home (thanks to grabby toddler hands).

Come ON, Momma!

But I am bound and determined to get back to life. I have been hibernating, and as I mentioned a while back - we finally managed to settle into a routine. I finally managed to carve out alone time with Mommy for each member of this family, which has helped everyone settle down a bit more.

Since then I have been here, just sticking to it lest the whole thing come crumbling down.

{Ugh, I am so not a schedule person.}

I have begun venturing back out in public again (GASP!) and seeing some friends on a (semi) regular basis. Thank goodness.


So here we go again.

Now that we have a routine,  I feel confident that we can afford to be a bit more flexible and roll with it, as is my preferred parenting and life style.

Baby steps, friends, baby steps.


Oh, and here are some fun photos of my alone time with my increasingly wild, but sweet as ever, baby girl.

She is demanding a whole lot of front porch sitting these days.

Which is fine by me.

Evelyn Rae is 22 months old, Liam is 3 months old

...and do you remember when your mom used to put yarn like that in your hair?! Rocking it old school.