Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three Months

My wee Little Man,

Happy three months! You continue to be such a happy baby and I can barely believe that you are already three months old. THREE months! That seems like a legitimate number and soon enough you will be off on your own and doing all the crazy wonderful things that older babies do and you won't be content to snuggle with me anymore.

But, for now you are still such a snuggly baby. Much more so than your sister was at this age for sure! You are a bit of a Momma's Boy still, which I not-so-secretly love. You are starting to hold yourself up a whole bunch better and not be such a floppy baby, as your Daddy says. In fact this month I started being able to hold you on my hip with one hand, which is a huge milestone in the life of a Mom with two babies. Or, really just a Mom who wants to accomplish anything with the other hand.

Much like your sister (I apologize for all the comparisons - such is the life of a second child, I fear), you have started having your hands in your mouth all.the.time this month. Which could mean that teeth will show up any day, or it could mean that those first little pearly whites are months away yet (my money's on that) since...that is what your sister did. Sorry, buddy!

This month you and Momma took a trip all by ourselves to go visit your very first friend Levi in Boston and my friend, his Mommy, Aunt Jessica. (You actually also happened to witness your first "Mom is a news junkie" moment this month with the Boston Bombings. A tragic event which I am sure you will hear about at sometime in your life, but we don't need to chat about now, persay.)

We were accompanied by all of the fun OSL ladies that you will definitely know over your lifetime and we had such fun. You got toted all over the city in the Ergo, and you joined us for pedicures, dinner, lots of wine and even more laughs. You got your wings from Jet Blue on our flight, which I will, of course, keep for you. Such a little traveler you are!

While in the city you gave me your first "Mom Scare" when you woke up making gagging and choking noises in the middle of the night. I think you equally scared Aunt Lisa who was about a second away from calling 911, but we worked it out and you went back to sleep beautifully after you revved my adrenaline through the roof. Your pediatrician and I chatted about it when we came home and she seemed to think it was just one of those things that happens with babies sometimes. Still, it rattled Mommy a bit more than I would care to admit, so don't let it happen again, young man.

You are a growing boy as well, this month I put you in pajamas that your sister wore at 7 months. You are such a long and skinny little thing, any sleepers with feet on them are going to be outgrown before you can wear them twice at this rate.

Even though you refuse to smile for these monthly pictures so far, I feel that I really must tell you what an overall happy baby you are. I know that I have already said it in the last monthly letter, but son, the most frequent comment that I get from your surrounding family members is always what a happy baby you are! And it's true. You love to smile and interact with us, and are becoming such an expressive and babbly little thing.

I love your big gummy smiles and they simply make your Daddy and I swoon. Likewise your sister is falling more and more in love with you as you can smile and giggle at her antics. She loves bringing you toys and helping Mommy help you do whatever is needed. She hasn't started speaking for you yet, but I am sure that it will start anytime.

I love you to the moon and back, my big blue eyed baby.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is twenty one months old, Liam is three months old

...and these little boy clothes are killin' me. KILLIN' ME.


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