Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Construction Zone

We have a ton of projects going on in this house lately.

And we have an impending deadline - Baby Bump's arrival.

Not only do I have some "construction" projects for this virtual space, but we have tons of construction for our physical space.

I plan on sharing all of that renovation with y'all, of course. I have already mentioned that we have the great room switcheroo happening here shortly. Us to Ashley's old room, Ev to our old room, baby in the nursery, etc.

With all those switches comes redecorating for each (minimal to the nursery, thank goodness). We are also adding a closet to a void space previously unused in our new room. Additionally, thanks to a crack in our upstairs bathroom sink, we have decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on a total reno.

A month before our baby is due.

Yup, we are totally INSANE.

Granted the space is relatively small, as are the projects in reality - we aren't moving plumbing, etc. We are just upgrading a whole bunch of stuff to make it more functional/get rid of the stuff we have hated since we moved in.

So, yeah. In any case, since I am going to be sharing all this with y'all, combined with the fact that Andria from Illinois (I don't know that I will ever be able to stop calling you that, btw < 3 ) has been wondering how the heck we fit 4 bedrooms into our dreamy little bungalow, I have decided to go ahead and share our floor plan as well as a little house tour (coming soon!)

So here it is, thanks to (which is totally free by the way!)

Our Home

First Floor

Second Floor

(click for larger photos)

I started this thing back when I had plenty of computer time every day - you know, when I was at a desk, in an office, and not trying to keep my laptop balanced on some surface too high for tiny hands to reach. These are screenshots I took today, so they are not to scale or anything technical, but they give you a good idea of the layout. I was also really optimistic with the furniture layout when I had all that time - clearly I never got past the Living Room. 

All in all we have just under 1800 square feet, which most people find hard to believe when they have only seen our house from the front. We have tons of space hidden in here!

Our room and "Ashley's room" (no longer Ashley's room - sad faces) are the exact same size, but now I think you can see why we will be moving to the back of the house. 

Our new bedroom door and the bathroom door are sort of on one "wing" of the hallway, which once we redo the bathroom and our bedroom in complementary colors will hopefully give us a sort of "Master" bathroom feeling. Turns out they didn't have master suites in 1927 when this dear old bungalow was built, ha.

Plus, the kiddos doors will be together, sort of giving them their own "side" of the upstairs. Evelyn's new big girl room is quite a bit larger floor space wise than the nursery (though it don't look it here - I promise it is) so her room will also be where most of the playing occurs. 

There is also a closet in the guest bedroom that sort of juts into some kitchen space, and I legit *just* relized I didn't add that it. Note to self.

Anyway, that's how we do it. How we hide 4 bedrooms in our little bungalow. 

Excited to share the tour and progress with y'all.

Evelyn Rae is 17 months old, I am 31 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and when your home becomes your office, I think you get a little more picky (and impatient) about making it the way you really want it.

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