Thursday, December 13, 2012

31 weeks

Feeling good about it. Crazier still? no new stretch marks (yet.) Um, why couldn't this have happened last time? Last time I discovered my first ones beginning to appear at about 30 weeks when I was in Texas, getting ready to be a bridesmaid for my friend Shelby (which I did at 31 weeks), but hadn't rolled over to the 31 week mark yet. This time? I haven't seen one. Bio Oil ftw?

Feeling good still. Why couldn't I have been this small last pregnancy when I had to be in weddings and events and have my photo taken all over the place and stuff? Don't get me wrong, I still have my "Damn, I feel like a whale" days, but overall...feeling light as a feather.

Ugh, food. So full, all the stinkin' time.

Ok, now HERE we go. Definitely having Braxton Hicks contractions...way earlier than with Ev. Plus, ugh, this baby is like IN my pelvis already. I feel every little head movement down there and my pelvic muscles are TIGHT. Like the horizontal muscles across my hips...if that makes sense. Craziness. 

Sleeping is difficult as this baby grows and moves. But, I am doing ok. Trying to ride some energy all the way through Christmas and the 24 hour car trips. Yikes.

Ick. Boo. GO AWAY.

Fetal Movement
Definitely there. Still moving way more than Ev was.

The Girls
Holy hell. Here they come. They are definitely growing now. New bras. Needed.

New this time around
Earlier Braxton Hicks and stuff. It's crazy dealing with things that happened last time so much later and then not dealing with stuff that I was dealing with last time. More Braxton Hicks, no stitch marks, etc. Weird.

Oh yeah, this again.
Sleeping is hard. And lame, especially when your hubb sleeps like a rock.

Mental State
CHRISTMAS. Taking over my mind. A's Holiday Party tonight, our family Christmas next week and then we are OFF TO WISCONSIN. Blergh. Overwhelmed.

31 weeks, last go round.

Evelyn Rae is 17 months old, I am 31 weeks along

...and no shots of the Bug this week because girl has been a GRUMP and was finally rocking out a decent nap. Hurray!

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