Friday, December 7, 2012

What up with that?

So, it's Friday.

And I haven't blogged in a week!

What up with that?

Well, dear friends - I haven't even had a bad's just been...crazy? Without being especially busy? Weird stuff just keeps happening that just makes me look around and wonder, "HUH?"

This week alone I have been in a minor fender bender - MINOR, I promise, we are all ok. I was idling. That was the speed upon impact.

Also, my keys are currently locked in the car and I am waiting on husband to come rescue me.

He forgot his ID card yesterday morning, so couldn't get into work and had to turn around to drive home. His commute is around 35-40 minutes with traffic, so...that's fun.

Especially since he had to turn around and come to his preggo wife's rescue like an hour later when I was in said minor fender bender. (Two rescues this week - his office must think I am a nut case.)

I have gotten 25 weird phone calls from this 866 number that has other random complaints against it on the web. No one talks when you answer, if you don't answer, they stay on the line long enough to leave a voicemail of...nothing, and if you call back it is just some ambiguous company name with a full voicemail box so you can't leave a message. (I again registered for the do not call list...we shall see if this helps.)


Every store I have gone to this week has been OUT of the thing I came there for...except for the grocery store. You know, that would be really weird if they were out of everything, etc.

I punched a hole in our wall after tripping through a baby gate. Like, not violently...part of the gate put a hole in the wall when I knocked it out of place with my heavy pregnant self. I caught myself though, no worries.

Evelyn has alternately been the sweetest and saddest baby on the face of the planet. Mood swings. Teething. Poor baby.

The only way she would nap one day this week was clutching my circa 2006 iPod, which she was frustrated that she couldn't work because in her world everything is a touch screen.

And yeah, that's it.

It has just been a weird week.


Be back in full next week.

Evelyn Rae is 16 months old, I am 30 weeks along with Bump

...and Bump seems to be chugging along just fine and going ahead with his or her head right down in my cervix. Or at least it feels like that every time I try to move.

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