Sunday, December 30, 2012

32/33 weeks

These photos brought to you by 5 AM on the day we left Wisconsin to head home. 
HELLO ROAD TRIP. Also, Christmas was insanity. So, COMBO POST.

Hella dry the last week and a half or so - HELLO WISCONSIN. So cold and dry here. 

Feeling good about how I look overall, thanks to so many family compliments these last two weeks and all, but let me tell you folks... Carrying around this extra poundage on 24 hours in the car? Not fun. Super uncomfortable.

Meh. Nothing really. I have super enjoyed all my Momma's cooking whilst I have been on vacay, but I haven't been starving or wanting to eat tons. I also kept it under control on the Christmas cookies, which I NEVER DO. 

Oh, friends. Super long road trips are nothing but pain while this preggo. Hello RLS. Also, fun fact! I learned this week that my Grandma had RLS with all SEVEN of her pregnancies. Genetics! And look husband, this PROVES I am not making this up. 82 year old women don't just lie about crap like that.

Oy. SLEEPING HAS BEEN ROUGH THIS WEEK. Ev decided that she was going to start having some extreme separation anxiety and only wanted to sleep in my arms or on my chest like two or three times.

What the heck? Girl didn't even like me that much when she was a newborn! She has never, ever been a snuggler. But, all of a sudden, all she wants is Momma.

Weird? Yes. Also uncomfortable considering that laying down with an almost 18 month old on your chest when your lungs are already constricted from an almost full term baby INSIDE OF YOU TOO. Yikes.

ugh. Counting down to not being pregnant and not having heartburn. Seriously. It is the number one thing that makes me not like being pregnant. For realz.

Fetal Movement
This baby is SO FREAKING ACTIVE! I can't believe it. On a related note, perchance due to Evelyn's sleep related troubles as of late - I am hoping that this baby isn't going to be going crazy every time we try to lay him or her down to go to sleep.

The Girls
Bigger. My Momma bought me new bras. Yay for Mommas!

New this time around
Having an additional toddler to carry around and console while this pregnant is...challenging. Good chance this is why I am not gaining as much weight. Hello work out.

Last time round I was over 190 pounds at this (32 week) point. Though the midwives said that was totes normal then...I am not that now, like not even close. Also, they say this is totally normal too.

Oh yeah, this again.
The puppy is getting protective and cuddly with my belly again. So cute. Other than the fact that Ev is being that too. So there is a constant pile up on Momma. So I guess this is sort of again, but new too? 

Mental State
Christmas is over! Now I can look at my ridiculous to do list and freak out and be anxious about that. Hurray!

32 weeks, last go round.
33 weeks, last go round.

Evelyn Rae is seventeen months old, I am 33 weeks (actually now 34- today! - yikes!) along

...and here's an extra photo that hubby took close up. Hello 5 am. Though I still like my navy blue manicure. Love.

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