Tuesday, December 4, 2012

30 weeks

Feeling good. Pale. It is winter, bien sur. However, we had unseasonably warm weather this week, so Ev and I rocked some spring clothes...the day of this shoot actually. So, don't mind the pale legs. K?

Overall, I hate to admit this, because karma is a B with a capital ITCH, as we all know...but I am feeling rather, arm, svelte, in comparison to my last go round with pregnancy. Indicator that this might be a boy? Who knows. That's what everyone freaks out about when I admit that i feel smaller overall though. But, I mean, I do. So, feeling ok.

Plus, today, a new mom at Target (who was wearing her like tiny two week old in a Moby and he was making the SWEETEST noises) stopped Ev and I to tell us that we were both "just adorable." Why thank you, sister. You and your baby are just adorable also.

Meh, food. Still so full at the end of the day. Can't deal. Also, I have heard this can happen while pregnant, but didn't really notice it last time - I think my tastebuds may be a bit "off". I tend to think everything is under seasoned right now, and husband insists that it tastes normal to him. I told him he had better own up if he was just being nice and I was turning into a terrible cook, but so far, he hasn't.

Oy. Baby getting bigger! lots of elbowing and kneeing and everything else to try and make some room in there, or at least, that's what it feels like to me.

Baby movement has woken me up twice this week. CRAZY.

Let's not even talk about it.

Fetal Movement
CRAZY TOWN. Kiddo, you are crazy active in there, especially when Momma wants to be quiet. I have started seeing things get bumped that are on my belly more and more regularly. Hilarious.

The Girls
Eh, hanging. I mean, not "hanging" but, hanging out. You know, remaining the same. Etc. Argh.

New this time around
The whole taste bud thing. As the chef of the house it is SORT of driving me crazy, especially when I think back to Thanksgiving dinner. I hope everyone wasn't just being nice about the food.

Oh yeah, this again.
Fun moments of A getting to feel baby. Ahhhh, the happy little picturesque moments in this miracle of growing a human that actually turn out to be as cute as you ever imagined. Fun.

Mental State
Doing better. My crazy, lovely daughter is driving me a bit nuts at the moment. I suspect we are hitting some serious developmental milestones that are leaving girlfriend SERIOUSLY frustrated...and she is taking it out on me. Her language is exploding and she is becoming more and more comfortable with all sorts of physical activity, so I am hoping this explains it? Also, molars. Boo. I need a glass of WINE.

30 weeks, last go round.

Evelyn Rae is 16 months old (for another week!), I am 30 weeks along with Bump

...and hey look! The tree is decorated this week! Booyah.

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