Thursday, April 5, 2012

Le tired.

This is a quite around our house...usually when we don't want to do something that we know we "have" to do, the husband and I look at each other and pout and say, "But I am le tired."

I don't know where it came from, but friends, that describes my whole week.

Something about catching up from vacation, Easter this weekend (hubs is getting baptized and confirmed, which yay! so proud of him, but boo, that means we have to attend like ALL the church. Busy little bees over here are we...) oh and the fact that Ev has either developed seasonal allergies or a little cold and I suspect she is teething again...annnnd I am exhausted.

This week started out with the best of intentions, I even printed a pretty version of my cleaning schedule and put it up on my fridge. WHO AM I? But a not feeling well baby = God laughing at your plans. I honestly forgot what it was like to have your baby not sleep through the night. It's amazing how fast your body gets used to those solid stretches of sleep again.

Y'all. Parenting is not for the weak.

I feel like I have been arming myself for battle all week, and then I start thinking of a battlefield, which inevitable leads me to getting "Love is a Battlefield" stuck in my head. And then I want to break into a coordinated dance with all my sassy girlfriends. Which unfortunately, is not the appropriate way to battle your baby's cold.

My poor girl has had so.much.snot running down her face this week, and her little eyes have gotten swollen from all the crying she has been doing. No fever, and clear snot, so we are hanging out unless more symptoms develop.

I cannot even describe to you the slime factor of the snot. Imagine, if you will, that you had a cold and had no idea of how to sniffle or blow your nose, and instead just let it all run straight down your face. And then you realize that there is something on your face and mom is coming at you with a wipe and you hate, hate, hate having your face wiped off so you put your little hand up to your face and smear the snot all the way up into your hair...that is the snot level around here.

Plus, she just doesn't understand why she isn't her normal chipper self. She just wants to be cuddled, and when she wakes up in the middle of the night and I cuddle her she does calm down.

But then, when I go to put her back down, she gets royally pissed. Like the most mad a baby could get, maybe ever? Those screams. They are so.loud. Who knew a baby could be that mad? I sure didn't. And then I pick her back up again to cuddle her and just calm her own, because what mom can stand to see their baby doing that? annnnnnnd it is a vicious cycle.

Last night it made me hysterical. Hysterical in the fact that I was holding this baby who was holding my face with both her hands so that she made sure I was looking directly at her as she was screaming her head off and see just how angry she was - at 4am, mind you - and I just started laughing. I couldn't even help it. Her poor little face was so red and she was so angry. And what could I do?

In any case, we did finally get her calmed down, but the poor thing is so flipping tired from not having a decent nap or full night's sleep she is pretty beside herself. My poor little love bug.

In case I don't get another second before Easter comes...


I hope it is lovely for you...and us. The long Easter vigil mass with a screaming baby in tow is not quite the way my husband pictured his big moment, I am sure. Plus, I might just lose it on a nun if they mention they are sure we could "hear everything just fine from the back".

Evelyn is almost nine months old

...and ::yawn:: I am so le tired.


  1. I'm le tired..... Did you ever see the end of the world video on ebaums world? "but I'm le tired" "well, have a nap, then FIRE THE MISSLES!" -Christie :)

    1. Oh my gosh! That's totally where it came from! THANKS CHRISTIE!!

      I must be so tired that I had forgotten I had ever even seen that video. Oh, college. Those were the days.