Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday, the morning was a little dreary and rainy, and a cozy day inside sounded *just right* to me.

I (admittedly a little) smugly posted this status on my Facebook:

A nice little day of relaxation and yummy baking. I had been meaning to make those personalized oatmeal cups anyway, so why not make the best of the rain? If only I had stuck to my guns.

Enter hubris. 

"Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities..."

My life, right?


A few weeks ago husband and I decided that since we are, you know, in charge of another being's vital records now, it was probably about time to get our filing in order that we had been putting off and invest in a fireproof/waterproof safe. So we did. And we bough a new filing cabinet. Look at us getting organized!

And since then it has been sitting in Evelyn's room.


In the box.



So, yesterday right after I posted that status, I was walking by her room and thought, you know what? I should probably just figure out this situation first. Then I will bake. I am sick of looking at that thing. 

As I started emptying out Evelyn's closet, aka, the catch all, used to be storage closet before we had a baby, I realized that this might take slightly longer than an hour. "Hmm," I thought.

As the piles started creeping up closer and closer, confining the play area of my happily playing baby to about two square feet, I thought, "This might take all day."

As I was forced to move the baby into her crib for her own safety, and began toting things out into the hallway and our bedroom because I was out of room, I thought, "Damn."


And there it was, the rabbit hole. Soon enough Pinterest and Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple organization ideas were swirling around in my head and I was mentally calculating how much paint there was in the garage.

Soon thereafter I found myself setting up the Pack and Play in the guest room and calling my (laughing) husband to ask what he would need from "upstairs" because we would most certainly be sleeping in the guest room ourselves.

Le sigh.

The project continues today, and I am actually happy to report that I like what I am doing with the space, and ultimately it will be much more functional, and was something that desperately needed to be done, but I have definitely had a few of those standing-in-the-middle-of-the-piles-of-everything-everywhere moments where I think, 

"Couldn't I have just stuck to some baked oatmeal?"

Evelyn Rae is nine months old

...and we did still play music yesterday while doing this project. Thankfully, Evelyn thinks Momma's dancing is hilarious. Just like everyone else. 

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