Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Has anyone else been bitten by the bug?

We are organizing, organizing, organizing over here at our house. I feel sort of like I am nesting again. The desire to sort through and get rid of...the stuff, for lack of a better term, has me running around in circles.

In combination with the fact that we have had a crazy last couple of weeks - was it really just two weeks ago that I was at Harry Potter world right now??? - this house is driving me NUTSO!

The other thing driving me crazy is the blogging situation. By that I don't mean the actual blogging, I just mean the design and organization of the blog...er, blogs.

This whole blogging adventure started with a family blog, to keep the family informed of all of our adventures when A went off to OCS and I headed to the University of Wisconsin for my summer internship in the summer of '08. (PS. I have been blogging regularly for FOUR YEARS. That is insane to me.)

Then we got engaged, and I started a wedding blog.

Then we got pregnant, and I started this baby.

I may or may not also have like three or four secret blogs that no one can see because I wanted to reserve the url in case of future blogs. Um, I can't believe I admitted that. I am a crazy chick, yo.

Since I have been blogging here, I kinda, er, quit my regular blog. Oops.

Annnnnnd I never finished my own wedding recaps on my wedding blog. Or made our wedding album for that matter. Double Oops.

So, the question is, what to do? I will, of course, keep blogging. It makes me feel like I get to talk to grown ups. And yay for sanity.

Do I keep this blog, and blog name, because I get waaaaay more traffic over here, even though I like the title of the other blog better? Do I keep them separate? Do I combo them all up? Do I buy our own url? and if I do, which one?!?!


Oy, don't even get me started. IDK. I have no plan. Argh.

{On a side note, every time I see IDK written all in abbrevs like that, I always think of that texting commercial - anyone remember it? "IDK my BFF Jill."}

In the mean time, I promise you that I am really working on a non-pregnant lady header. It got stalled out last time I said that because we had an, er, situation, shall I say, where I thought I might not need to change the photo after all...

But, turns out Mother Nature was just messing with me. Hardy har freaking har Mother Nature. You are hilarious. More on that later.

All these decisions will wait till tomorrow...or the day after that...or you know next week...because I just heard a baby yelling from her crib that she is ready to get up and go grocery shopping.

Evelyn Rae is eight months and 23 days old

...and I only know that because I have a new baby app on my phone to tell me these things. Mission organization indeed.

...and because I am a GEEK, I found that commercial on YouTube. You love me, I know.

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