Friday, March 30, 2012

Greatest Hits

My lengthy Disney and Universal post is coming, but guess what? LIFE KEPT MOVING when I got back from vacay. Le sigh. Who said that could happen?

I am super excited to spend time with 800 of my sorority sisters or so this weekend (yikes!) and my volunteering (albeit at the last minute) has suddenly eaten my time for a real post. You know, the kind with words? So, instead, you get the greatest hits. In photos.

Ready? Go.

Excited to get going!

Daddy modeling his sleeping baby and backpack combo.

Guess who got ears with her name stitched on the back?

Harry Potter World! 

Still waiting for my letter to come by owl.

There you have it - the greatest hits.

Happy Friday everyone! See you next week!

Evelyn Rae is eight months old

...and she loved every minute of our vacation. I think.


  1. I miss y'all SO MUCH!! So glad you had a good time on your vacation! Evelyn is such a doll!

    1. WE MISS YOU TOO! We can't wait to meet that little lady at your house. She's pretty adorable herself!

  2. Okay, so you're going to think I'm nuts, but where did you get the Mickey Ears with the name stitching? Last time we were at Disney they told us we could only have it done at the Christmas Store in Downtown Disney! And my boyfriend REALLY wants a pair.

    1. I don't think you are nuts at ALL. Seriously, that was the only thing I wanted for Ev while we were there, so we asked around a bunch. There is a little place right after the castle in Fantasyland (on the right after you exit the castle) I think it's called Sir Mickey's maybe? It looks just like a regular old gift shop, but they do the embroidery there too!