Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

The temperature today is a BALMY 44 degrees here in Norfolk, and it's almost noon. BOO.

Therefore, I will be staying in my house today, in a comfy hoodie that I may or may not have stolen from my husband, getting things done around here.

And remembering warmer, golden days. Like last Friday. When it was 81 degrees. And we went to the beach.

After the beach, we took the party home to include Daddy, and hung on the patio (excuse our half finished back door/patio - work in progress).

I hate this one of me {squishy awkward face!}, but look at that baby's face! 

This is how you know I really love her, btw - I am willing to post unflattering photos of myself, because she looks cute in them. 

Ha, I kid. 

Kind of. 

And one for the grandmas...check out these teeth!

Evelyn Rae is seven months old (for a few more days)

...and I cannot wait for the real golden days of summer.

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