Monday, March 5, 2012


Remember a few weeks ago when I may or may not have alluded to the fact that my hubby and were so, so awesome at spending time alone together? Psych!

Last weekend, we had a semi romantic evening when we headed to the Supply Corps Birthday Ball. We got to go dress up and dance...and you know sit at a table and chat with six other people. It was fun to get all glammed up (ha. as glam as we get these days!)

Does he look annoyed that we are running late and 
I insisted on a quick photo? Because he was. Ha.

...but the fact remained that we went out with other people. As we chatted that night, we realized that all of our dinner dates since Ev had been born was with other people. Don't get me wrong - we love our friends, but we hadn't had dinner out, at a restaurant, alone, in eight months?! What??? That is crazy!

We decided that the next Friday we would head out by ourselves for dinner, for no reason other than to celebrate us. Yay! What happened was the most decadent date night we have had in a long time.

We met friends for drinks and appetizers at one place (Bardo for the locals - basil mojito? Yes, please.) Then we went to dinner by ourselves down the street at the Green Onion.

For three hours.

It was GLORIOUS. Cheese plate, bottle of wine, paprika and lime compound butter and bread, rockfish over apples and potatoes for A, diver scallops and lobster cheesecake for me, followed by french press coffee and apple bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.

Um, yum.

Outside of the details about the food - let me just level with you - we needed that. It was so nice to just relax with nothing else on the agenda other than to enjoy some delicious food (one of our favorite things) and enjoy each other by candlelight.

We are really awful at scheduling "special time" to be with one another, because, well, we enjoy the hell out of being with each other anytime, even just sitting on the couch watching TV. Plus, we have the tendency to schedule so.much into our weekend time. Like our three day weekend that was spent...painting bookshelves and trim. Woo hoo!

Now, we aren't planning to go out and spend a fortune every week or anything, but we did decide that we need to be better about getting time like this on the books - especially while we are lucky enough to live near loving (and free!) babysitters! Holler grandparents.

I'll let you know how it goes. Until the next date though - I think I may dream of that meal. And my husband will dream of how great it was to not do the dishes afterward.

Evelyn Rae is seven months old

...and I will admit that I was ridiculously happy to see that smiley little baby face when we picked her up after our date.


  1. Wilson is already planning our first date night. He had to be gone for my birthday so we're going to go out for SUSHI! And WINE!! I'm not thrilled to be leaving the baby but I'm already so excited for date night!! Weird? Yeah...I know.