Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eight Months

My darling girl,

Another month has come and gone and you creep closer and closer to being one. I cannot believe how grown and toddler-y you are looking to me these days. It is pretty crazy for me to try and remember that I grew you inside my body and that you are now this crazy active kiddo that makes my heart flip over when you do all those cute things you do.

You are a mover and shaker this month. You still REFUSE to actually crawl, mainly because I think you are managing just fine getting to everything and anything you want to without actually crawling. Case in point in these photos. You refuse to stay still these days. In most of them, you are a blur.

You are also proving to be quite the girly girl, and intellectual one at that these days. Your favorite toys, in no particular order, include your shoes, hairbrush, comb, bows and any and every book that you can get your hand on. Oh, and you still love your puppy more than anything in the whole wide world. You love having your hair brushed too, it makes you coo in fact, which I find hilarious. You are getting much more hair, though it is so fair it doesn't come across well in most photos. So, I took a closeup to prove it.

Mom, please leave me to these leopard print mary janes. 
They are my life. 

 You are getting more and more expressive with every day that passes. You are now doing this super cute little scrunchy nose smile, that combined with the two perfect little teeth on the bottom of your mouth makes you look like the most impish little person who has every walked, or rolled, on the earth. I am trying really hard not to project personality traits on you, but seeing as you look at me and smile like that and bat those long, long eyelashes whenever I say no to you - I think we may be in for it. You have started throwing little baby temper tantrums when I take something away from you, for example, but I am trying really hard to recognize that you are a person, just small for now, and appeal to your rational side on why you can't play with things like, oh, scissors. Or my computer power cord.

As much as you love moving and rocking and rolling, as well as dance parties with your momma, you also sometimes turn into the most contemplative baby in existence. You just sit, and look all around you, taking everything in. More often than not, you clasp your hands in front of you and just look around.

You are a super adventurous eater, which I really love. You eat just about anything and everything, or will at least try it once. You love things seasoned with herbs, and you will even try peppers and any other kind of vegetable. You especially loved the Parsnip and Carrot Rosemary Risotto that I made this month. I love telling people about that one, because it makes you sound like you have such  refined palette. You love Mum Mums and get noticeably excited when I pull them out for you.

All in all baby girl, this has been such a fun month. Hearing you develop your little (and not so little) voice has been so fun. Luckily most of your loud mouthing has been happy, and makes people look at you and go "Awww" when we are in public. (I don't think they would do the same if you were loud and crying...but maybe.) 

We took this photo on our picnic blanket this month, because it seems so appropriate. We have had a super early spring and have been able to really use it! We have taken it to the park, but more often than not, we just take it out in the backyard and hang together. You love the sunshine, and I am relieved that after all the time indoors you really are my little summer baby that I imagined you to be. 

I want you to grow up so fast and hear all of what is going on in that little brain, but I also want you to stay small forever. Someday you will understand. Mommies are crazy.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is eight months old

...and don't you freaking love those shoes?


  1. Those shoes really are adorable... My Hannah is jealous ;)

  2. I love that the entire weekend here can be summed up by the picture of her trying to eat her shoe. <3 that lil girl so much!!!!!